9 Life Lessons YOU Can Learn from Justin Bieber’s Album ‘Purpose’

Yeah Yeah, it’s 2018 and Justin Bieber’s album Purpose was out way back in 2015. But you can’t deny the songs still give you the chills, can you?

The album was a hit, and evidently it was declared the fourth best-selling record of that year. It’s jampacked with some really cool bops, for sure, and perhaps some of you might still be dancing to it. Biebs didn’t just talk about his tumultuous relationship, but also intended to motivate people with inspiring messages. So Beliebers, what life lessons can YOU learn from the Purpose album? Let’s cut to the chase and go track-by-track:

Mark My Words — All is not Lost When You have True Friends or Family

Be it a relationship or friendship, if they’re truly honest with you, you’ve got to go above and beyond to not lose them. Agreed, there could be some squabble, scuffle or anything in between, but they’ll ‘give you all they got’ when you are in trouble or pain. Those are the friends or your partner you can count on at all times.

I’ll Show You — You don’t have to be Someone Else’s Version of Perfect

Okay, Bieber showcased his raw emotions and opened up about the pressure of fame in this song. But how does this track relate to you? No one’s ‘made out of steel’ and life’s not a bed of roses. Even the most successful people encountered hardships along their way to reach where they are today. So, never stop learning and be yourself, coz sis, you’re fine and unlike anybody else.

What Do You Mean — Never Fail to Reach Out, When You Feel You’re Lost

‘First you wanna go to the left then you want to turn right’. When you are at a crossroads in life trying to figure out what you need, it’s okay to ask for help sometimes. Opening up to the right person about what you’re going through can do wonders for you. Always remember that help is at hand, and you’ve to initiate yourself to reach out for it. You never know, constantly keeping things to yourself can be overwhelming.

Love Yourself — Self Respect is the Best Respect

Who deserves your respect the most? You! Even though Justin is dissing the person in subject, urging her to love herself, that’s applicable to us too (in a good way, of course). If anyone looks down on you, regardless of the reason, they don’t deserve you. You know the best and worst of yourself, so self-respect should always be your priority.

Sorry — Admitting your Fault isn’t Cowardly but an act of Courage

Bieber might have said ‘sorry’ a gazillion times in this (epic) song, but does that make him a coward? Never! It takes extreme strength and courage for someone to openly admit their mistakes and apologize for it. So, the next time you feel shy or awkward to admit your fault and utter the word ‘sorry’, just remember you’ll only earn respect and admiration by doing so.

Company — Have Someone You Can Share your Feelings with

Now is this a sequel to ‘What Do You Mean’? Maybe. Sometimes, it’s like therapy when you have someone by your side whom you can share your feelings with. Now, that’s not limited to relationships. Pouring out your feelings to your friend or a close acquaintance will turn out to be a victory for common sense.

No Pressure — Time is the Ultimate Healer

Turmoil, family issues, breakups, distress… whatever that might be, just don’t jump the gun yet. Be patient as ‘time heals all wounds’ remember? Does that mean you shouldn’t instigate an action? It depends. Act wisely, and let time do the rest for you. No pressure.

Children — Build a Better Place for the Generation of Tomorrow

Justin Bieber didn’t come to play with this uptempo song, y’all. The song pleads for everyone to make the world a better place for children, the future of our nation. Considering the recent Parkland gun violence, some of you might assume the song was ahead of its time, but it’s not. Horrendous mass shootings have emerged as a trend lately, and it has to stop!

Life is Worth Living — When Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade

Isn’t that self-explanatory? The ups of life prompt us to move forward, whereas the downs allow us to learn from our mistakes. Either way, life is worth living. So, stay true to yourself and enjoy the ride.

Enlightened much? Yes? No?

Originally published at fampulse.com on March 28, 2018.