‘No Vacancy’ by Rhys is an Anti-Love Anthem that will get you in the Groove

Singer-songwriters often follow the pattern of writing songs that deals with infidelity and eventual breakups. But Swedish singer, Rhys Clarstedt, mildly bends the rules when it comes to writing about relationships (or not). Her latest track ‘No Vacancy’ is a rollicking anti-love anthem that pulls the kill switch to end a relationship, before it even begins.

“Telling me your only crime is your big heart/Baby, baby, who you really tryna outsmart?/Don’t you know I know a little thing or two?/So I ain’t gonna let you, I ain’t gonna let you in,” she sings over the track’s pulsating beats. The song is deceivably soft on the outside, but ferocious when you dig a little deep inside. And its even more fascinating that the singer herself revealed its about her boyfriend.

Rhys told Fader, “No vacancy is about a very specific person who had been toying with my emotions for a little too long. Ironically, my current boyfriend. This song is about drawing the line, me or them. Everything is great now, but I would say he was a bit of a player when we started seeing each other. Parts of the text are direct quotes from him, so I think I should thank him for that — he gave me a good song!”

A Star on the Rise

This rising star resembles the charm and charisma of our very own queen Rihanna, and she’s only just begun. At the age of ten, Rhys moved to Sweden with her parents to follow her dreams and participated in various talent shows. She worked with producer Jorgen Elofsson at the age of eighteen, releasing her debut single ‘Swallow Your Pride’.

She subsequently released another single ‘Last Dance’ in 2017. Both songs emerged as hits in Sweden. While ‘Swallow Your Pride’ is a ballad, ‘Last Dance’ incorporates midtempo tropical pop music. ‘Last Dance’ was the most-played song in Sweden during the year 2017, which also helped her earn the prestigious ‘Artist of the Future’ nomination at P3 Gold gala.

Nevertheless, it is her song ‘Maybe I Will Learn’ that proves to be a rousing showcase of the artist’s calibre. The track, which references to unreliability in relationships, has some really heart wrenching lyrics worth mentioning. “How many fires must a girl walk through/Before it finally rains?/Will she wake up on the other side/Once the water drains?/Tell me all this fighting has a meaning/’Cause I can’t find the point of what we’ve done.”

Rhys also collaborated with DJ Robin Schultz for the song ‘Like You Mean it’. Rhys’ follow-up ‘Too Good To Be True’ helped amplify her relevance, thereby giving her the opportunity to perform at music festivals including Storsjöyran, Way Out West, and We Are Sthlm.

Keeping it ‘Dark’

Rhys believes Dark Pop is her forte, and that is indeed observable in her songs. In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, she explained, “My music is very bittersweet. My lyrics tend to be super sad, while the melodies are a little more up-tempo or happy; they clash in a good way, in my mind.”

I can’t wait to see what Rhys has got in store for us down the road. Go girl!

Watch the video for her latest song ‘No Vacancy’ below:

Originally published at fampulse.com on April 9, 2018.

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