When to use each of these?

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All have started with var…

Plain Javascript has only a var keyword that allows you to define a variable.

Here is an example of how we can use it:

Will the last line of code passe or fail?

Well, there is no problem with the code since the var keyword is not block-scoped. This means there is no scope for variables that are declared with var, whether they are declared inside or outside of a loop or a condition.

To resolve this problem, you need to declare you variable with let or const.

‘Let’ comes to solve the issue

The let statement declares a block-scoped local variable, optionally initializing it to a value. …

Provide the best user experience for your visitors with predictive prefetching

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Did you experience going through a website where you have a list of articles that you are scanning to choose the one to read and suddenly you have a poor signal and start clicking on the article that caught your attention without a result and keep clicking with anger and you feel frustrated?

As a web developer, I don’t want my website’s users to face this situation. If you are following my article you may have read the article about AI is changing the web world, if not here is the link if you want to read about it:

Machine learning comes to rescue the user from this bad situation with Guess.js. …

Quick and easy steps to discover Angular Application

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As Google says Angular is one framework that you can use for both mobile and desktop professional apps. Although React JS is the most popular among developers, still an Angular app is more powerful since it comes with a structure and some standards that every Angular developer should respect to make the application working. For an enterprise application, it’s a piece of good news since every Angular developer can land and understand quickly an Angular project.

If you want to know more about top front-end frameworks check this article: The leader of Front-end Frameworks to Learn in 2020 by DATA and STATS?

Tips & tricks for a complete and successful tech resume

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Whether you are a student looking for your first job or an employee looking for a new opportunity. Your resume is your shop interface where you can advertise what you’ve got, your skillset, your previous work experience, your education, and your accomplishments.

Resumes allow recruiters to know more about the candidate. …

10 life lessons from my 4 cats

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My babies ❤

I’ve been always dreaming of having my cat. But, since I was always moving for my studies purposes, I couldn’t get a cat.

After getting my first full-time job, I right away got a cat, that was just a dream that I’ve finally realized. I couldn’t stop right there since I’m so crazy about them so I finally got 3 other cats, and I’m living with them for years now.

Through those years cats thought me some surprising things that I find important about life and wanted to share those things with you.

Have a Curious Spirit

Most of the remarkable inventions in the world came after a long time of research and curiosity. Having a curious spirit gives you joy each time you know more, gives you hope about what’s coming, and most importantly gives you excitement. Those feelings make your mind positive and looking for solutions rather than seeing only problems. …

There is no website without data, right?

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The modern browser JavaScript APIs can help you build amazing
web apps that perform better, work offline, and provide better user experiences overall.

There is no website without data, right? it’s the most essential component
in a web application. To display data appropriately in the web app we need to retrieve, manipulate, store, and process various data. With modern browser JavaScript APIs, we can make those tasks easier.

When it comes to data we want to improve the data retrieval, storage, get better app performance, and build powerful web pages for our dear users.

In this article, I’m going to list the best data management JavaScript APIs with examples. …

Change your life by changing how you sell yourself

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Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

As a Software Engineer, I learned that I need to sell myself the right way to get what I want. One of the things that were really helpful during my rich journey was learning about how to have a successful elevator pitch.

For those who don’t know about the elevator pitch, I’ll give a brief introduction about it and continue with the 5 steps with a complete example at the end.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch. …

4 Powerful APIs to give your user a better experience while navigating your website

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Nowadays the web has become more important and more powerful than ever. One of the important aspects we try to achieve when building a website is providing a good user experience.

Thankfully, today we can build web apps with native browser features that have been added over the years by the main browser vendors. Browsers have improved significantly that some features we used to code with JavaScript or import with third-party libraries are no more needed because they become native!

There are a lot of powerful JS APIs, but today I’m bringing to light my 4 favorite APIs to enhance the user experience since he or she is your client and got to be happy and satisfied with visiting your website. …

Top AI and Machine Learning Frameworks For Web Development

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Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

The race of tech leaders for AI is so rude and competitive. Things are getting changed day after day by AI. Web development is no exception.

Having a website is mandatory for all business niches in the market. And AI will empower web design and development. According to a Statista report, the revenue generation from AI is expected to reach $126 Billion in 2025.

As a web software engineer, I choose to give you today a brief vision about the top AI and ML frameworks for the web to keep an eye on in 2020 and beyond. …

Quick new: Sharif Shameem built a layout generator using GPT-3

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Layout code generator demo

This is just mind-blowing…

AI is changing our lives and even the domain’s life. Imagine that you can describe your button or header and have the code generated for you in a blink of an eye ≧☉_☉≦.

@SherifShameen has recently twitted about the layout generator he developed with GPT-3. What shocking news for the web world and NLP world.

What’s GPT-3?

GPT-3 is the new OpenAI’s language generator.

OpenAI first described GPT-3 in a research paper published in May. But last week it began drip-feeding the software to selected people who requested access to a private beta. For now, OpenAI wants outside developers to help it explore what GPT-3 can do, but it plans to turn the tool into a commercial product later this year, offering businesses a paid-for subscription to the AI via the cloud. …

You want to read more to make sure that Medium is worth it?

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Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

When I discovered Medium, I was like someone who discovered a big box with a lot of gold in it. I loved it so much.

I love reading, finding out that I am allowed only to read 3 stories a month was so disappointing to me. To read an unlimited number of articles you need to become a Medium member.

I wasn’t sure that I’ll like it and that I’ll read every day to become a member. So I cheated, and read whatever I want without being a member at the beginning.

So in this article, I am going to explain two…

What to learn to be more resilient on your work journey.

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from Unsplash

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a lot of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. Nowadays, the risk of burnout is widespread. Many of us work so hard, constantly connected, and working overtime. We need to manage our work-life and more than ever learn and build resilience skills.

“Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before. …

The mindset you need to calm down anxiety

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By Boram Kim

I lived with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) for years. It’s some moments where you can’t control your thoughts your emotions and your energy. GAD is defined as below by Psychology today:

“Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a chronic state of severe worry and tension, often without provocation. Those with GAD regularly anticipate disaster, often worrying excessively about health, money, family, or work.”

— Psychology today

From what I have experienced, the hardest point was accepting and assuming that I have GAD. Although, I knew that I’m not okay for years. I have never thought of me having an anxiety disorder. As an active engineer and ambitious woman in life, I’ve always thought that there are only problems with rational solutions. …

Quick tutorial: steps to follow to set up PrimeNG in your Web App

How to use PrimeNG in Angular 9 App
How to use PrimeNG in Angular 9 App

What’s PrimeNG (skip if you know already ;))

PrimeNG is a rich set of open-source native Angular UI components. That means for any UI component you need, you have a library ready to use just for you. Some examples would be: a calendar, a table, an autocomplete input …etc.

- The + of using PrimeNG

This accelerates development and keeps all angular developers using the same components over the world except for really special client demands (we then create a custom component). This makes new code handling super fast since all developers are familiar with PrimeNG.

- Other alternatives to PrimeNG?

Bootstrap, Angular Material, Material design, Material, PrimeFaces.

The most important thing is to use only one single library for all components. I’ve seen projects with a mixture of this is not really professional. The code is always beautiful when it’s homogenous and clean. …

Lessons I’ve learned by this enriching experience

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Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

This experience is one of the most teaching ones I had in life. It profoundly marked my personality and boost my life.

The thing that I really want to share with you today is the lessons I’ve learned and how I succeded.

Where the story began …

I was 16 years old. My mother’s friend is a French teacher and got some tickets for a summer camp to learn English for 10 days. She was looking for students who are interested in and got the required conditions.

The condition was having already good marks at school. I was a good student, at that time I thought that it’s all about super marks, and being the first. Although my philosophy in life has changed right now but thankfully at that time, that was the reason why I got accepted. …

You don’t have time to learn all existing front-end frameworks?

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Do you want to learn a front-end framework and don’t know where to start? and which one to learn?

Do you want to change your career and become a front-end software engineer?

Are you already a front-end software engineer and want to keep yourself updated but don’t have time to learn about every framework?

This article will help you have a big picture of the current frameworks, and what’s more likely to be helpful and in-demand so that you can make a choice.

Here is the plan I’m going through to help you get a big picture:

  • What data says about these…

The ultimate list

Top 5 FREE stock images websites

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Things you need to understand to get along with dependencies problems

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Where the story begins …

Well, the story starts with a railway network application where we used Angular Front-end Framework. The Angular application is packaged as a private npm package. Let me explain it. Let’s imagine, npm as a big software registry where developers from anywhere use it to share and borrow open source packages as well as private packages too.

Since we can borrow as much as we need of packages. We need something to help us install those packages as well as identify installed packages for a given application. And that when package.json come to the stage ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪.

What is a package.json file?

The package.json is simply a file that contains mainly information about the application and its version and all packages and dependencies it needs to make the application working. Here is an example of a package.json file from npm…

Coder avec effecacité ;)

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By me with Canva ❤

Il existe plusieurs outils développés pour vous faciliter la vie. Et la cerise sur le gâteau, c’est gratuit!

Angular CLI

Le Angular CLI rend la vie facile, permet de créer une application qui fonctionne et qui suit déjà les meilleurs pratiques d’Angular. Genere les composants, les modules, les services, les pipes simplement avec une commande. Quoi demander d’autre ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Les must-have Plugins dans VSCode

Permets de détécter les erreurs et personnaliser la configuration de façon à ce qu’on respecte certaines normes poser par l’équipe de develeoppement. C’est un must must have ;)

Analyse, trouve et complète automatiquement les chemins des imports.

Apprendre à bien coder et structurer une application Angular

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Quand il s’agit des bons pratique pour bien développer et maintenir une application Angular, il existe plusieurs philosophies et façons de faire. Dans cet article j’ai essayé de partager avec vous les meilleurs pratiques selon moi et mon expérience. Ready? (╯°□°)╯let’s go!

1- Organization du projet

La structure et l’organisation du projet et très importante pour pouvoir mieux debugger et faciliter la montée en compétence pour les nouveaux arrivé(e)s sur projet. Et créer une bonne base et un code maintenable.

Il existe plusieurs façon d’organiser son projet, dans cet article je vais plutôt parler de suivre un pattern d’utiliser les modules partagés et le module de base. …

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I was working on a computer vision problem, and I needed to parse an XML file. I found Untangle as a quick and easy library that gets the job done in almost no time. So I wanted to share this with you !

Untangle is python library under the MIT license that can easily convert an XML file to a python object.


To install the library, it’s recommended to use pip which installs automatically the latest stable release with the command :

pip install untangle

How does it work ?

We just need to pass a string or a filename or an URL of the XML file as a parameter to the parse function to get a Python object as an output. …



Writer about Life, Self Improvement. I’m also a full-time Front-end Software Engineer, Mentor at MyJobGlasses, teacher at SuperProf & mother of 4 cats.

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