Fresh experience in Hong Kong PolyU

I’ve arrived at Hong Kong for just a week, but I feel that I’ve been there for a long time. This region has a total different politic and economic environment although it has cultural links with Mainland China.

I enrolled a one-year taught-postgraduate program of professional accounting in Polytechnic University. I live in Harbor Place which is very close to campus about 20 minutes walk. There is a Hong Hom metro station , a core interchange of transportation in this district. And my neighborhood is a convenient and prosperous . I found a great Taipei Beef noodle restaurant and the taste is awesome. Campus Canteen is also a good place to grab something to eat. The price of food there is relatively lower than the restaurants near my house.

My first impression of cuisine in Hong Hom is favorable, our beautiful campus also opens my eyes. There are brick-color blocks in campus and they are named by many famous celebrity in Hong Kong. These time-honored buildings create a relaxing and positive academic atmosphere. Among the different buildings Pao yue-kong library is my taste because it is able to meet all my academic needs. Sufficient English version books, advanced Bloomberg machines and enough laptop able to borrow are rich resources for every curious student.

The first official event I attend in Poly University was our orientation held at Y block where I made many new friends some of whom came from the same place with me. This activity provide a guideline for our academic and social life at Hong Kong. I had a better understanding of objective of my program and know who I can refer to if I face some trouble in the future.

I have decided to make the most of this year to enrich my life and my mind, I believe studying at Poly University definitely will be a new start for my career and life.