Announcing Fan Bits: A DIY crypto-collectible creation platform

Fan Bits
Fan Bits
May 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Introducing Fan Bits, a platform for content creators to effortlessly create their own crypto-collectibles in minutes.

Create crypto-collectibles in minutes

View a dashboard to create and track your collectibles

A creator’s dashboard

Share your own unique creator profile

Pinkcoin’s creator profile

Earn crypto on every sale (and resale)

Creators always get a portion of the sale each time their collectible changes owners

Build up a fan base of collectors

Become a featured creator

Neal Kumar, a well known Chicago photographer, is a featured creator

Fan Bits for Fans

Be one of the first to create

Thanks to Amitt Mahajan

Fan Bits

Written by

Fan Bits

Discover your next crypto-collectible, or create and sell your own in minutes.

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