Announcing Fan Bits: A DIY crypto-collectible creation platform

Fan Bits
Fan Bits
May 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Crypto-collectibles are the first native digital assets that consumers truly own. They’re provably scarce, provide a chain of custody, guarantee authenticity, and open up new ways for the collectible’s creator and owner to interact with the asset.

The crypto-collectible wave has captured the mindshare and attention of the world. With the launch of games like CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, and many others, fans for the first time can own a truly scarce digital asset that they have full ownership over.

Upon launch, these games produced millions of dollars in transaction value nearly overnight. While there’s clear demand for this kind of asset, creating crypto-collectibles is a highly technical pursuit that requires extensive development work. We’re ecstatic to announce that that’s about to change.

Introducing Fan Bits, a platform for content creators to effortlessly create their own crypto-collectibles in minutes.

Create crypto-collectibles in minutes

Fan Bits empowers creators to turn their content into crypto-collectibles in just a few clicks. Content provided by creators gets instantly tokenized, published to the Fan Bits marketplace, and pays out Ethereum to the creator after each sale. Today, only images can be tokenized, but Fan Bits will soon support videos and audio as well in the near future.

As a completely self-service tool, Fan Bits is designed for content creators of all types: Digital artists, photographers, graphic designers, streamers, and anyone else that wants to create crypto-collectibles for their audience.

Let’s explore the Fan Bits for Creators experience.

View a dashboard to create and track your collectibles

The Fan Bits dashboard gives creators insights into how their collectibles are selling, as well as who’s buying them. Creating new collectibles is as easy as uploading an image, describing what the collectible is, and then clicking publish.

A creator’s dashboard

Share your own unique creator profile

Each creator gets their own profile that shares their story and lists all of their collectibles. Each profile is designed to be shared, and makes it simple to get the word out to the creator’s audience.

Pinkcoin’s creator profile

Earn crypto on every sale (and resale)

Not only will creators receive Ethereum when their collectibles initially sell, but each and every time their collectible is later sold between fans, the original creator will receive a cut as well.

Fan Bits empowers creators to effortlessly earn crypto from their own digital content. This is a profound new way for creators to benefit and thrive in the growing digital economy for their work.

Creators always get a portion of the sale each time their collectible changes owners

Build up a fan base of collectors

Fans who buy your collectibles join your Fan Bits community. These fans not only evangelize your work each time they show off one of your collectibles, but, over time, will get to use your collectibles in unique ways.

Become a featured creator

Fan Bits is also a marketplace for fans to discover collectibles from creators. We actively curate this marketplace and source content to be featured directly from our community. Doing great work can get you featured which expands your reach and provides additional benefits.

Neal Kumar, a well known Chicago photographer, is a featured creator

Fan Bits for Fans

Fan Bits provides an easy experience for fans to discover, buy, and sell collectibles. Build your own showcase of collectibles that you can show off to your friends. Similar to our collectible marketplace, Rare Bits, Fan Bits lets you trustlessly put your collectibles up for sale, and be paid for them in Ethereum.

Be one of the first to create

Our team is incredibly excited to bring this platform to market. If you’re as excited as we are, you can start discovering collectibles or creating your own now. For the latest updates, join our discord or follow us on twitter.

Fan Bits is built by Rare Bits, a venture-backed startup based in San Francisco.We’re actively hiring!

Thanks to Amitt Mahajan

Fan Bits

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Fan Bits

Discover your next crypto-collectible, or create and sell your own in minutes.

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