Chasing Pep: Beating the thinker at his own game

A Journeyman career through Football Manager 2017

Why hello. Welcome to the career of Francisco Lapello, a decidedly average Spanish football player who will be taking on modern football’s revolutionist.

I’ll be challenging myself to topple Pep Guardiola — surpassing his Hall of Fame career total. The task is already tough. But it’s made tougher by the fact that Guardiola is still bang in the middle of his career at a club with unlimited resources.

Aside from the sheer points total, there’s plenty of other goals to conquer.

Francisco Lapello Goals:

  • Win each of Europe’s top five leagues
  • Win back-to-back European Cups
  • Manage Liverpool — It would be nice to be the guy to end the Premier League drought playing a version of total football.
  • Manage Barcelona — Even if just for a season. Recreating the 2012 look, and hopefully success, is enticing
  • Win the MLS — Likely a career swan song.
  • Win an international tournament — Spain or England are preferable
  • Achieve icon status at a club (it seems impossible to reach legend status, even if you win 7 leagues titles and three European cups in eight years — not that I’m bitter or anything)
  • Play beautiful football — Be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, while being as successful as possible.

Guardiola’s HOF total:

Chasing Pep will be no mean feat.


I’ll start the career focusing on Europe. I’ve loaded each of Europe’s top leagues, as well as the US (I’ve always enjoy managing there).

League’s loaded:


In addition to the league’s above, I’ve loaded players from the top South American nations, Portugal, and Belgium.

The Tactics:

While chasing Pep, I’ll be recreating much of his ideology. We will play beautiful football, with an emphasis on dominating the ball — high up the pitch — pressuring opponents from the front, and attacking in waves — both in attack and in defense.

I’ll go into tactics in more detail in a later post. But the goal is to find a happy medium between the Pep’s Barcelona and Munich sides, while revolutionizing myself and creating some funky new systems. Like Pep, the formation will shift week-to-week, but the aims will remain the same.

I’m starting out unemployed, with no preference on where I’ll begin this epic adventure.

Ok, I guess we should get started.

Career Updates:

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