Stories make people fall asleep.

Live stream is a new trend and it’s taking people in all kinds of directions.

What you see is what you get, the square box webcam.

People pretend to be so shy and act like kids in a sweets shop.

Chats comments all twisted words,they are addicted to it.

Making fun of anything and taking a shit on everything.

Its so amazing how many people get intoxicated with lies.

super non stop madness,even the facts don’t add up.

why the government allow people to go on like this?

I think its way to late to stop them now because,

live stream sickness has already killed them.

There is no one to save and there is nothing there.

Stories make people fall asleep into darkness.

Life is to live beyond a stupid square box.

when i explore life i go into many dimensions.

The webcam is not in my way it’s your drug.

People’s lies are empty WORDS full of hate.

stories make people fall asleep,you are deep in sleep.

“get out of that box tell someone the truth”

“ tell them you need help and want to live,be a man be a woman”

“grow up look at your self ,words are empty without action”

I need help i want to live,i am a man.I love the truth.

People made the world this way not God,people are falling asleep.

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