The Bad Ass Widows Guide to Life

Lesson 1. Have your own friends.

Seriously important.


Couple Friends will desert you.

Photo by Ian Smith on Unsplash

Long before your hubby gets sick and dies, make sure you have your own circle of friends.

Cultivate and nurture your own posse. You may ask why?

Because after all the “ anything you need,” empty offers end there will come a day when your couple friends will

(Except for very rare instances,)

drop you like a hot potato.

Why? If you’re a wife who is now a widow you become a threat to other wives and get booted right off the island.

( Not that I have the least interest in any of their spouses. Seriously. Ugh. )

Thankfully my late hubby pushed me to have my own friends. They knew Mark and enjoyed being together for dinners out and movies.

And yet.

My true friends and I did many women only activities that bonded us over yoga, spa treatments lunch and museum dates.

Good thing too because that “thud” I heard was me being dropped unceremoniously on my rear by our so-called couple friends. They are gone but in their place I have discovered what a real friend looks like. It’s a person who cares about me just as I am and in return I an there for that friend no matter what.

So go enjoy your lovely life together but get yourself some good friends who you will be there for and they will be for you.

End of Lesson.

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nancy mindes

Throw kindness like confetti or maybe spaghetti. See what sticks. the Badass widows guide to life. Trained and certified as a personal coach 20 years ago.