So you want to write for Creatomic?
Jon Westenberg

i, firoz,have joined medium. an permanent resident of usa, young at heart aged only 77. an old horse. don’t know will be acceptable to jon. have fixed ceitain standard to wrote on creamatic. very much intrested, don’t know how much will fit in. am trying to write . my resent sincere efforts will be there. will need cooperation from you jon. feel like, I’m there. accepted will be pleased an encouraged. please let me know where I stand to your standered. am a begginer. you will appricite. I will write if encouraged, God willing will keep writting. will try to come to standered, will try to remain upto it. English you say American english. basically being Indian, my English is queens english. which you will depends on how far I am acceptable in the field of wrtting, cmpetent to write. I want to write & want to write in some different way, on some different subject t, acceptable to you & whoever reads.not very sure but there is always an urge to write, write something good, which one will like to read.also will try to write from different angles, different subjects, putting in some innivative way yet acceptable. asking your coopration, hoping won’t be disappointed,encouraged in whatever way you deem fit.

I want to know, and I will get to know how far I am fit so to say a begginer. well won’t be quite discourage, if not we’ll received or accepted. always awaiting your kind attention,well judge attention, coopration. as I tell you don’t have enough opning, new to this country which I want to be belonged, limited resourced in most manners. looking at you, sick rely

Firoz from LA, USA