How I ended up buying a bottle of Chinese vinegar because of my notebook

I have always prided myself of my detachment with physical belongings. That changed, when I lost my notebook. Unconsciously I knew the importance of this notebook, but “one doesn’t realize what one has until it’s gone”

This past weekend I lost my notebook. Right after the realization of having losing my notebook, I started to recall all that I wrote there. In hindsight, my notebook was my work of art and prove of all my hard word (no pun intended).

I felt this sense of nostalgia all week long. During these past year, I have tried to document all the events that have occurred on a daily basis. I thought one day I could read back into these life events and assess my personal progress.

That led me into thinking the deeper reason why I was so upset of losing my notebook. That is because we, humans, have such a fragile memory. We forget everything! It’s incredible, I can’t even name all the things I don’t remember.

Lucky for me, I wrote my email address on the front page of the notebook. A lovely woman wrote me an email saying that she found my notebook at the station, and it was there if I wanted it back. Exciting news for me! The next day I go to the station and ask if they have found my notebook and no luck. After spending a couple of hours in and outside of the station looking for a 9 x 14 cm black hard cover notebook, I decide it is time to go home.

On my way home, I can’t help but to remember, how I saved that notebook for when the time was right, for the good university chapter. I remember to carry it everywhere, that even in the back, I saved my sister’s post card she once sent from Austria.

I recalled all the uninteresting and useless things I wrote. I made front-end coding notes, thesis notes, notes about R code, about the rough days, including the heartfelt birthday note to a friend. All that, is gone! It’s my fault, to have been so careless, to have left unattended something of such intangible value to me.

So, when my mind was rumbling about this, I passed by the Chinese supermarket. I entered, and I walked through the sauces aisle. I spotted a familiar bottle of vinegar. An old friend, after all these years, that same brand have not changed an inch of the vinegar bottles’ design. So, since I lost an old item, I was decided to substitute that old item with a new/old item. Does it make sense?

Well, it was also because I needed Chinese vinegar to dress my tofu and noodles. :v: (ha, that’s how Chinese I am!)

I like to think that either a responsible citizen has thrown my notebook to the recycle bin, so now my notebook is on its way to heaven to meet our creator. Or that same responsible citizen is enjoying reading my real stories that I, casually happen to write one day a time.

Either way, rest in peace notebook!

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