WEEK5 — Immersive Experience Design and Information Communication

y Fang
y Fang
Sep 24 · 2 min read

Immersive journalism

When my classmate told me someone was doing something correlated virtual reality with journalism last Tuesday, I was really excited, because I’d thought about something very similar about two years ago. I think I can call it “an architectural approach to news report”.

The Future of News? Virtual Reality | Nonny de la Peña | TED Talks

The aspiration was coming from a malicious event happening close to a high school in 2017, where had a very special spacial structure. Back at that time, as I read the news report with many details about the environment, I reconstructed a clear visual structure of it in my mind which helped me to understand more about this event. In the perspective of architects, the layout of this environment per se indeed had a lot of hidden dangers, even if this event hadn’t happened at all(even though it is really like on hindsight).

EVENTS are all mainly consisted of three important factors, time, space, people and the interactions among them. If we can approach the fact from the aspect of “space”, will we gain a more complete image of what had happened? Or at least have a chance to observe events from a different angle.

Another powerful way

Here is a good example of approaching fact from an architectural perspective.

SAYANAYA| Inside a Syrian Torture Prison

But, what makes me more impressive is that it added the factor of “sound”, which provides audiences with an experience that even beyond “immersive experience” — it added a layer of “imagination” .

Somehow, the thing that's more powerful is usually invisible.

I think if I have the chances to design immersive experience(not only immersive news report), this is the way I want to do it.

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