Fanis Despoudis
Mar 2, 2018 · 1 min read

Hey you can go even further:

  • Separate Home into Home Container and Home Component. See this article for inspiration: Currently Home is a mixture of presentational and container components.
  • Don’t use snake case file names. Example: business_api_util
  • Use arrow functions and not binds in your constructor. Example: this.handleOnHomeLogoClick = () => this.handleHomeLogoClick()
  • Destructure state assignment. Example: const { loading, featuredBusinesses, showDefaultBackground} = this.state;
  • Prefix boolean values with is or has. Example: isLoading, hasDefaultBackground.
  • Throttle calls to fetchAndSaveFeaturedBusinesses as every click will issue a request.
  • Handle error cases as if the fetchFeaturedBusinesses() fails the component will load indefinitely.

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    Senior Software Engineer @teckro, Experienced mentor @codeinstitute, @hack.hands, Technical Writer Tweet me at @nerdokto.

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