Target audience: Working adults based in big city like London

My observations were centered on the design brief for Glance. I wanted to learn about the habits of people scheduling to-do-list throughout their week.

I’ve narrowed down my application idea into using photo snapping as the quickest way to ‘list down’ and set reminders for user’s specific to-do-list.

Design Problem

People living in a big city are always busy. Life today is a never-ending juggle of work, self-improvement and socializing.

I live in London and my sister lives in New York. We are both busy working adults in big cities and yet, lots of other activities need our attentions, too.

When it comes to shopping, I tend to write things down and set a reminder on my smartphone at the same time. Still, things are normally 20% undone. My sister, is even worse, she’s always too busy to even set a reminder on her smartphone. As you can imagine she ends up buying lots of unnecessary things and often out of her budget.

Here’s when I see the problem(or need I would say) and design opportunity.


With a Dashboard tool to assist with their daily life routines or additional events with a Glance will definitely be very helpful and time efficient.

Despite there are plenty of new technologies available on the market that allow people to ease their jobs, individual habits still seem to be in the way stopping people from trusting in new technology completely; On the other hand, lack of technology knowledge can sometimes cause double the efforts for a simple task, too.

After a few chats with friends and colleagues, they are all excited about the idea of photo snapping as a way to quickly remember what they need to do next, especially when it comes to shopping. (Women, and some men too!)

User Testing

From various user testings I’ve conducted, regardless it’s in person or online, I’m glad that most of the users could tell what this app is all about. Thanks to their valuable feedbacks, I got to improve my app to the level that can communicate with first time users, especially those aren’t too tech-educated.



Imagine this:

When see potential shopping list, instead of writing them down on hand, make a note on the phone, or simply trying to remember them on the way to the next destination, [Snap.Me] is designed to snap a photo of the item (or many more other items) and directly purchase in app. It enables user to set reminders, favourite their potential shopping items, also suggestion of similar items and providing the cheapest price are all available at one go in this app. Making things in their own wishlist or a gift ideas can be seen at a glance under Wishlist, or even under Bin-all the potential shopping list photos user has taken with this app.

This is a very ambitious app design, which has derived from a simple Glance To-do-list app! Comments are still welcome even though this is the end of the course :) Thank you whoever has contributed to my project.

God bless you all!