How Social Media Ruin Our Soul

The popularity of social media cannot be underestimated that everyone keep in touch with strangers or even their friendships via such virtual link.

No much honesty appreciated in virtual world.

Everybody photoshopped their pictures and turned the imperfect into perfect. Everybody took selfie to get self-esteem from online stalkers. Put these into another words. People now pathetically draw attention from others by fake mask.

We are drained into a imaginary world.

The online appreciation become our nutrition. Once we lack such attention and “Like”, we start to doubt our outlook and thoughts ourselves. If our thoughts are not what the mainstream encourage, we got criticized and judges from the opponents for what we believed. When everybody put on mask to live, it is hard to find one truly treat us good without taking any advantage of us.

Our soul is hide from others. Who are we then if we cannot be who we want to be?