Privilege will Become Poison

Fannie LeFlore
Aug 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Why do so many white people in America keep looking for loopholes?

There is no more bargaining to be done, at this juncture. The testing period is coming to a close.

Thinking systemic racism (white supremacy) can co-exist without affecting liberation for them who seek special, unearned status for themselves, reveals why…

White Privilege will become Poison.

As the cannibalization continues…to unfold.

Debate to Your Heart’s Desire.

Allow Space…to be Stimulated or simply go in hiding, by Simulating.

We know from the lived experience of conscious people of color (POC), that they recognize real. It comes from being stripped raw. The lies inherent in false foundations promoting surface superiority and inferiority, become repulsive enough, over time. POC know full well their freedom will forever be compromised in a system that uses something as shallow as skin color…as basis for determining quality of life outcomes, from cradle to grave.

Evolution Aligns with Nature. Consciousness comes from within, more than conquering without. Value exists in both spaces, but lingering far too long in one arena without input from the other, creates a silo. Blind spots grow without feedback or clarification. Transfusions of new blood (in-sights from the lived experiences of different human beings) can prevent staleness, stalling, stagnation.

Wise Native, African American and other people oppressed by systems have already advised diverse humanity of the perils of pretending. The Indigenous are ready for the transition because they were forced to find some layer of substance for solace, inward. In the underground place of Shadow, they learn a path to wholeness is already mapped.

Not all problems can be solved, but some conflicts are so all-encompassing, they must be reconciled. Somehow or another. The dead weight can only strangle the carrier of disorder, and infect the rest through social contagion. So it is with white supremacy. Choices must be made, individually and collectively, to replace this nihilistic system of denial, destruction and despair.

Privilege will become Poison. Vulnerable to the existential energy of tribalistic vampires, there will be no room left for identity beyond the narrowest confines. Because fear and anxiety will take up permanent residency, for people looking over shoulders and wondering who’s next…if they keep making allowances. The beast can never be satiated, so the feeding frenzy will continue indefinitely.

Exchange it for Expansive Life, Love and Liberty.

Evolution Aligns with Nature.

Spirit Demands. Social Justice. For All.

Because life is lived forward, not backward…and when nature is manipulated beyond a certain point, unanticipated outcomes and unexpected consequences are…highly likely.

Not even “polite white supremacy” will be able to pass the test.

Privilege will become Poison.

As the cannibalization continues…to unfold.

Because the DNA of animals and plants did not derive from Hue-Mans.

Demands a New Destiny, to Manifest.

Calls for: Abolishing the lies. Dismantling the primitive beliefs of a tribal system.

Privilege and Poison? Or New Possibilities?

Making the unconscious, become conscious.

Required for Rebirth.

To Breathe in and out, and become Ready for Redemption.

With New ways of Being in the World.

Give up the half-hearted attempts to return to innocence. Face the Flaws. Confront — and Caress — the Shadow, to embrace its depths. Integrate the life-affirming lessons and remember, so that hiding from the self makes it no longer necessary to project unwanted parts onto others.

Evolution Aligns with Nature.

Surrender the Futile Search of Looking for Loopholes.

Reason and Enlightenment preceded because…

On the Path to Becoming Whole and Mature,

Many Crawl before Walking in Integrity.

The DNA of animals and plants did not derive from Hue-Mans.

Evolution Aligns with Nature.

Argue to Your Heart’s Desire.

We are entering the Age of Consequences.

21st Century America, dye (with diversity) and do better — or defy and die.

Believe it, or not.

Written by

Social Entrepreneur, Activist, Psychotherapist and Writer/Editor. With Clarity that Gratitude and Decency Truly Matter.

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