Let’s say stupid people, or people so blinded by fear and other useless emotions, they can’t think…
Amber Lisa

Your point is well-taken. People from different backgrounds showed support for Trump, but is it statistically significant enough to have helped him win the election? There will always be exceptions to any rule. The issues we need to be clear about are systemic racism and how white supremacy ideology is used to abuse, deprive and punish people of color on institutional levels. No doubt, people of color can be affected by internalized racism. Many with self-hatred show the kind of mentalities you mention that support racism against those who look like them. But it is also important to note that racism is not the same as prejudice. Addressing systemic oppression is not about labeling all white people as bad or making them responsible for the historical faults of their ancestors. Does systemic racism continue because of collective white participation? Do white people seek and support unearned privileges and unfair advantages for themselves while harm is done to others on the basis of race?

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