YouTube Tips With Gabrielle Marie

Gabrielle Marie is a YouTube expert who creates videos on content ideas, editing tips, and cameras. She has helped countless YouTubers by posting regular content on her channel, and we’ve learned so much from her helpful, fun tutorials. Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Gabrielle to discuss her personal YouTube journey, as well as talk about the best tips she has for aspiring creators. Keep reading to find out what drove her to create her channel and find out what tips you can pick up from her when working on your own!

Your channel is all about providing YouTubers with tips and tricks for their channels. How did you come up with that idea? What encouraged you to start YouTube?

Actually it was totally by accident. I’m a college student and sometimes it is hard to remember to bring everything home for winter and summer breaks. I ended up forgetting all of my camera equipment at school and was totally bummed! I still wanted to make videos so I figured I’d do a video on how I edit and other tips and tricks other YouTubers could use just through the screen capture. I was extremely surprised to see that these videos did way better than my beauty and lifestyle videos and were so much easier for me to film. I kinda just stuck with it from there after getting so many encouraging comments. It truly was a blessing in disguise. My channel took off from there.

Of all of the research you’ve done, what is your top piece of advice for content creators?

Wow! What a hard question. I think the top piece of advice is to do what makes you happy. I know that sounds cheesy but there is so much truth behind this statement. Although I enjoyed making beauty and lifestyle videos, I always really enjoyed the techy parts of being a YouTuber. Once I did what I loved, my viewers could see my passion and my channel blew up! Do what you love and the subscribers will come!

What are some of your favorite websites/tools that you use for producing videos for your own channel?

Keynote, Quicktime and Final Cut Pro X are must haves for me. I also really like for purchasing awesome animations for FCPx.

What is a big mistake that you see a lot of YouTubers make when they’re starting out?

I think commenting sub for sub or any variant of that is a huge mistake. Even on my channel I see it a lot. It doesn’t really bother me at all, I just kind of sigh because they are so mistaken. Commenting anything along the lines of “check out my channel” or “sub” are usually flagged by YouTube and no one even gets to really see them anyways. Even the ones that manage to get past YouTube’s filter are very ineffective. Instead of wasting energy on that…leave positive comments. I used the technique of commenting on every single video I would watch a nice compliment for the creator. Even it was as simple as “I LOVE your shirt!” When people see good vibes in the comments, they are more likely to check out your channel to see just how rad you are.

What are the essential pieces of equipment that someone would need before starting a channel?

Definitely a nice computer and a camera. Lighting is also a big issue but you can totally get away with sitting in front of the window. I get asked all of the time what type of computer I recommend. I’m a little bit biased as I haven’t had a Windows computer since I was 10 (I’m 24 now) but I love my imac. Whatever computer you use, I definitely recommend a minimum of 500gb of memory and 8gb of RAM to make editing a breeze. As far as cameras are concerned DSLRs are great but phones have awesome quality if you are on a budget.

Why do you think the YouTube beauty community has been so influential over the years?

I’ve had a few YouTube channels before my current but I was around before Bethany Mota was a thing… If you go back to some of her oldest videos you’ll see I’m one of the first couple of people to ever comment on her oldest video. (I like to brag about that, haha. :) ) It is because I started so long ago that I’ve seen the beauty community change and flourish. What started off as a bunch of girls filming on webcams without much editing has now become a professional community with HD cameras and $300 editing software. It is insane! I think it is because the beauty community is so hard working that they have become a force to be reckoned with. What has started off as a hobby for many has now become a full on job. Take Bethany Mota for instance. She started off on YouTube selling hairbows she would make with her mom and now she runs a huge fashion line for Aero. That is amazing. You go girl!

What advice do you have for creators regarding promotion of their videos?

Make sure you have videos that people want to watch. I always say, if you wouldn’t watch your video all the way through then how can you expect others to do it? My advice is to make sure your videos are relevant but also unique. People hate it when they watch the same video just with a different girl. Find a way to make your videos a little bit different to keep the viewers coming back for more!

What do you think about websites like Octoly and creators accepting freebies to review? Do you think this is a sign of success and a way vloggers can help grow their channels?

I know sponsored videos have a bad reputation but this is how viewers find out about the newest and coolest products. A few years ago, only the most popular YouTubers had the opportunity to work with brands. What I think is so cool about Octoly is that pretty much everyone can get involved. Although sponsored videos are a great way to learn about new products that I want to try out, I do find that some creators aren’t exactly in it for the right reasons. Some creators can be just a bit too greedy for free stuff and end up creating a review that just isn’t honest. I think that because of my experience on YouTube, I’m able to pick up on who is genuine. Just use common sense and you won’t be led astray. Don’t give every creator a hard time for creating a sponsored video just because it is sponsored. Give them a chance and I think you’ll grow to see the beauty in them.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

Currently I am in love with the new Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel. This stuff stays on so well! Totally a must have. Other faves include Hard Candy Glamoflauge foundation, NYX Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade, NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer and Wet n Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner.

What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?

I have so many faves. Some include Casey Neistat, MissRemiAshten, Niki and Gabi, Aspyn and Parker, Savannahandstuff, Shelby and Monica Church, OK Baby, Michael McCrudden, Buzzfeedvideo, REACT and sooo many more.