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Recently I opened an account to answer all questions you may have about monaco companies and token sales

Keep your card with ETH / BTC

You can recharge your card with BTC / ETH and immediately another ERC20 token. When swiping your card, we change your BTC / ETH / ERC20 tokens quickly, enough to complete VISA® transactions. The rest sit securely in your wallet, potentially appreciating its value.

To exchange money

Exchange money with the perfect interbank exchange rate using the Monaco App. A very easy interface is designed to be used frequently.

Earn up to 10% Instant Cashback As You Spend

Monaco card holders are entitled to a Cashback Prize of up to 10% when they shop at participating merchants. Cashback will be completed instantly after successful transaction by crediting the original MCO currency into your application wallet. You will be able to exchange MCOs with multiple exchanges and easily convert them to BTC, ET or fiat.

For Sending Money

Can send money between free & real-time Monaco App users, with money directly available to recipients on their Monaco VISA® Card

BLACK VISA Card Monaco Monaco

500 cards numbered from 500 to 999 are all sold out — congratulations to the fastest contributors who supported us earlier.
There is still a chance to get one of the Black Cards numbered 001 to 499. This card allocation will be decided at the end of our 30 day campaign, based on the amount of each user’s ETH contribution.
The current threshold for securing the Black Card for yourself is:
Card # 001 — minimum contribution of more than 1500ETH
NOTE: The # 1 Black Card comes with a free 188,888MCO bonus, priced around US $ 168,000.
Card # 002–010 — minimum contribution of more than 245ETH
Card # 011–099 — minimum contribution of more than 30,084ETH
Card # 100–199 — minimum contribution of more than 15.99467171ETH
Card # 200–299 — minimum contribution of more than 10ETH
Card # 300–399 — minimum contribution of more than 7.9ETH
Card # 400–499 — minimum contribution of more than 5ETH


Bobby Bao (Managing Director)

Extensive experience in investment banking, corporate development, investor relations. Head of Corp. Development at Ensogo, investment banker at China Renaissance (华兴), Deloitte, Merill Lynch. While at China Renaissance he worked on landmark deals, including merger of Didi and Kuaidi (now Didi Chuxing) as well as Strategic Corporate Development Projects for (Nasdaq: JD)

Kris Marszalek(CEO)

Serial Entrepreneur in Southeast Asia Internet industry, 2x from $0 to $100m in revenue and 2 exits. CEO at Ensogo, Founder at BEECRAZY (sold for US$21mm to iBuy Group in 2013).

Gary Or (CTO)

Hacker, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, 9 years of full stack engineering experience (RoR, Elixir, Golang), Keen interest in Machine Learning and AI.

Rafael Melo(CFO)

15 years’ experience in finance, deep understanding of risk, compliance and Mobile Payments ecosystem in Asia. Led fundraising efforts as CFO at ASX-listed Ensogo, securing strategic investment from VIPSHOP (NYSE:VIPS) and raising over A$50m from blue chip institutions like Fidelity, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock.

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