Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo

You cried because you are as Puerto Rican as any islander can feel. Your family not only taugh you but also showed you how to love and feel Puerto Rican at heart. You also cried for Puerto Rico and not the USA because deep down you know the USA team has so many advantages and resources to their disposal… I am not dismissing the hard work theses wonderful athletes do every day. I studied in the USA at two major universities with big athletic programs and know of how hard students athletes work, how much parents are involved and how much sponsors and the private sector help these athletes to succeed.

In Puerto Rico parents has to pay and there is not a system in place for athletes to train the way they should. So, for Monica, I am sure her parents made lots of sacrifices, including financially for her to be were she is. She is not only very talented, but also, has worked very hard to win the gold medal.

We the climate of crisis the island is going through, the Olympic match means there is hope that our people are talented, extremely intelligent, resourceful and wonderful people. We were all there with her praying, sending positive vibrations and even lighting candles for her to win!

She united us for at least for few hours… and after so many years she reminded me to the lyrics of “la borinquena”. I was watching with my father and we both cried and sang…