8 Ways To Get Into Any MLB Game For FREE

1. Become an MLB Player

The easiest (and probably most difficult way) to get FREE entry into an baseball game is to simply to become an MLB Player, that way you will be not only at the game but earning mega $$$ for being there!

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2. Become a steward for one of the MLB teams

Steward’s are required to work in the stadium on game days and as a result they get to witness MLB games free of charge.

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3. Get media credentials

Members of the media are given free passes to attend games.

4. Skydive in!

If you have access to an aeroplane, a parachute as well as holding a parachute licence they you can do away with paying for game tickets by simply parachuting your way into the stadium … while not being seen… easy.

5. Earn Tickets with this excellent website…

– tixers.com — Buy, Sell and trade in tickets in minutes. Share your personal referral code to earn Tixers credit to get FREE game and concert tickets! www.tixers.com

6. Dress as a mascot.

Mascot’s are an integral part of the MLB experience so why not hire a costume and try and blag your way into the stadium?

7. Become a doctor.

All baseball teams have in-house doctors who are required to attend every home game.

8. Win tickets!

MLB tickets are given away as prizes by applications such as the MLB Connect game which is a free download from the app store. Download MLB Connect Here: MLB CONNECT APP DOWNLOAD

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Originally published at www.fansrc.com on April 24, 2015.

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