Fan Stories announces paywall feature for content creators


Fan Stories announces the launch of a paywall feature for content creators and bloggers. The paywall feature helps content creators, video bloggers, You-tubers amongst others to setup a paywall for their premium content and monetize it.

Fan Stories (, a Publishing and Monetization platform is happy to announce the launch of a paywall feature that enables content creators, video bloggers, Youtubers amongst others to setup subscription payments on their publications and monetize their premium content.

Content creators who build great content and are looking to monetize it for options other than ads can build their content using the Fan Stories platform and configure a paywall. All of this takes a few minutes to setup.

With the paywall in place, content that has been marked as premium will only be accessible after the user subscribes to the blog.

Setting up the pay-wall takes a few minutes and is available as a part of Fan Stories. Content creators will need to first setup a blog using Fan Stories and start publishing content through Fan Stories to access the paywall feature.

The paywall feature is available under the “Teams” plan at $99 a month and all other plans above the teams plan. The feature is also accessible for all new content creators on Fan Stories for free, for a month’s duration.

The paywall feature provides a Wall-street journal type subscription feature in just a few minutes. Content creators are typically paid once a month, for their subscriptions. Fan Stories does not take any revenue share except processing fees (and traffic fees in the case of large / high volume blogs).

Content creators can choose to launch anywhere from $1–10 a month for subscription to the site. Processing fees are approximately 6% of the overall subscriptions collected (this number might change later).

Content creators are at the liberty to have some articles as paid or free within the same blog. Content creators can also provide a yearly discount as a part of the offering.

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