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Pedro Maia é o “Fantasista”. Começou a distribuir dicas sobre Fantasy Leagues no 11para11. Transferiu-se em 2015 para a RealFevr, depois de um Top3 na UCL.

Guess who is back, back again? Fantasista is back, tell a friend. And with him, the best tips for GW1.

Ah, the joy and wonder of the first gameweek of the Champions League is upon us. This is a moment of infinite possibilities (within a budget), where every choice is plausible and success is 13 rounds away.

The big-names need no presentation, and as always, the difference is made in the middle of the pack, price wise, and the bargains that one could find.

And that’s what I’m here for, to nitpick the field and deliver you the best options that will allow for the heavy-hitters.

Let’s get it on!

Aaronson | Salzburg | M | 6.0M | In 0% of teams

It’s no surprise to see an American being the European…

The big day has arrived. Man City and Chelsea will be battling it out for European supreme glory. And you? Need help with today’s choices?

The second leg of the semi-finals finally delivered the first green arrow my team has seen since we entered the knockout stage.

Now back to #66 overall, today is the day to go all out again, there’s no other way to climb some more steps.

So, my chips go into a differential as the perfect choice for Captain. Like always!

Hakim Ziyech | Chelsea | M | 8.5M | In 3% of teams

It is true that Hakim only has two starts in the previous twelve games of the UEFA Champions League, but it’s also true that he was the one who scored in the last 2 games against Man City: at Wembley…

The two spots in the Istanbul’s Atatürk Olympic Stadium final will be set this week. But who are your best fantasy options?

There is no stopping me…

Now at #103 overall, this season continues to slip away from me and the knockout stage is starting to look like a ship wreck. Now, it is time to, at least, focus on a Top-100 finish.

But, since I can’t help it, there is always a way to fit a differential into your squad. Or maybe even two!

Ángel Di María | Paris SG | M | 10.1M | In 6% of teams

Tonight, he will be one of the few who knows what it takes to go all the way in this competition. …

Three more chances to climb up the leaderboards left, so the Fantasista is holding no punches until the finish line.

Despite being inside the Top-100, my season is on a downslope since the UCL stage groups.

Putting some chips on the wrong underdogs in a knockout competition is always tricky when it comes to the standings, so some dubious choices here and there eventually come to bite you back in the ass along the way.

There is still room to recover, but the semis are almost definitely the last chance for a comeback!

So, with that in mind, here are two athletes to help you regain the power to catch a green arrow.

Mason Mount | Chelsea | M | 6.6M | In 7% of teams

The most improved player in the Blues…

The quarter-finals are nearly done, and with the talent pool shrinking, it’s time to consider the best “cheapos” you can get.

Today we’re going down a new path, with “team budget” as the main goal of this text and picking the best cheap midfielders to fill up your squad, in order to make way for the notorious big hitters.

Given the always diminishing number of players available (and the limited transfers in the semi-finals), being on top of your league (private, public or the global ranking) requires a bit of strategy and planning ahead.

With that in mind here we go, down the differential rollercoaster again!

Jorginho | Chelsea | M | 5.6M | In 5% of teams

The Brazilian Italian is one of the main reasons why Tuchel has been so successful…

The talent pool keeps dwindling down and it’s getting harder than ever to extract points from differentials.

If the first leg of the Round of 16 cost me 27 places in the overall rankings, the second leg was no different, falling 26 more.

Languishing in #72, I am going to need a bit of magic to return to the top.

And you already know how we roll around this corner…It’s differential time!

Bernardo Silva | Man City | M | 8.0M | In 3% of teams

The “little prince” has started the last 5 games in the Champions League, scoring 4.8 points/game with 0.8 SoT/game.
He is probably the player most responsible for the upturn in form regarding the last 25 games in all competitions, and should play a key role in…

With most ties still to be decided, a lot is on the line in the 2nd leg of the Round of 16. The Fantasista brings you the crème de la crème when it comes to differentials.

After an horrendous outcome in the first leg, with a scrappy 41 points for my team. On top of it, all 4 picks in this section returned ”blanks”, a fantasy manager’s worst nightmare.

So, there’s is only one path to go now: more differentials!

Federico Chiesa | Juventus | M | 7.6M | In 4% of teams

The son of the legendary striker of Parma has established himself amongst the big boys in Italy and in Europe. He scored in the first leg and is averaging 5.6 points per 90 minutes of play in Champions Fantasy. If you need to take a punt on the first day captaincy, this is the one!

Marcel Sabitzer | RB Leipzig | M | 8.0M | In 1% of teams


The knockout phase starts today, unlimited transfers are activated and here are some names you can’t miss out on!

And finally, we’re back in business!

Much went on since December, some big names moved around in the January transfer window and, as always, I’m here to guide through the best club competition in Europe.

You know what you’re getting here: a good “left-sided” pick for each day of the eight matches of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

Let’s get on with it!

Ousmane Dembélé | Barcelona | M | 8.0M | In 3% of teams

Already with 3 goals and 2 assists in only 213 minutes of pitch time, he is the fourth best midfielder at your disposal, with an average of 8 points per game. …

This year’s group stage went by like a Japanese bullet train. We have the best kind of expert tips to make sure you get off on the right stop.

As expected, last week already showed us what we can expect for this final gameweek of the UEFA Champions League group stage: Mega-Rotation!

But if for many a nightmare is lying ahead, I am here to offer you a chance of a sweet sweet dreams, some gift-wrapped differentials.

Felix Passlack | Dortmund | D | 4.5M | In 0% of teams

He is the one in line to replace the highly-rated Meunier, and will be a cheap way to access a backline that earned 3 cleanies against the “easy” opponents of Group F. …

The last two gameweeks of the group stage are full of surpises when it comes to lineups. Here are some hidden gems for your team.

The roller-coaster begins this week.

Rotations will surely be kicking, as there are some teams already qualified and managers, the real ones, are surely preparing a proper nightmare for us, fantasy managers!

So let’s look at some low-owned players from teams that still have to go full power in the two last gameweeks of UEFA Champions League.

Mergim Berisha | RB Salzburg | F | 5.5M | In 1% of teams

He’s a part of the starting lineup since GW2, with 3 goals and 1 assist in the last 3 games, one versus Atlético and two against the mighty Bayern. He’s the pick of the bunch, if you are targeting the Austrians prolific attack…


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