Marketing through multiple touchpoints

This week I did a guest post through Daniel Zayas’ blog. Here’s a snippet. Jump on over to his site for the full piece.

It’s PAX West. My team and I just finished an exhausting 8 hours of nonstop demoing and talking. We were grabbing dinner at a local Steak ’n Shake. A girl spots the backside of one of our shirts. The backside of our shirts lists our mechanics, player count, and game duration.

The backside of our shirts list our mechanics, player count, and game duration.
She said, “Hey! What’s this game?”

It was a simple enough interaction. We were tired and hungry, so I just reached into my wallet and handed her a business card for Fantastic Factories.

The next day I received a message sent to the Fantastic Factories Facebook page. It was that same person from Steak ‘n Shake asking where she could find the game. She must have seen the Facebook page on the card I handed her. I directed her to the ACT Theater where we were doing demos during PAX. Later that weekend, I discovered that she had come by to play the demo, at which point we directed her to the Hyatt Olive 8 where she played a full game and signed up for our mailing list.

This is a perfect example of how we were trying to funnel people through one experience to the next and ultimately become fans of the game. We had always intended to direct people from our demo table to an area where they could play the full game, but I didn’t expect so many people to take us up on that offer. The walk between the ACT Theater and the Hyatt Olive 8 is 3.5 blocks, and neither location is part of the convention center, so it was great to see the cross-promotion working so efficiently.

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