By Michael Kong

Fantom has been working hard on the first post-mainnet Opera network upgrade, which will be an upgrade to both go-lachesis and the Special-fee contract (“SFC”). We have been carefully testing many aspects of changes to ensure a smooth and consistent upgrade for this release, and future releases. In doing so, we have built and continue to build a number of different automatic test suites, to ensure that upgrades in the future happen faster with more automation.

We have also continued to make Go-lachesis ABCI-compatible, and have added further upgrades to both the backend, Go-lachesis, and the SFC.


By Connor Hughes

Fantom Finance

We recently launched the website to give an insight into what features users can expect from our upcoming DeFi platform. With fLend and fTrade at the core, the platform will allow users to collateralize their staked FTM (and rewards) to mint a stablecoin, fUSD.

This stablecoin is the heartbeat of Fantom Finance — you can choose to either lend/borrow fUSD with fLend or use it to generate synthetic assets and speculate on their price over time.

Check out the site, and stay tuned for further updates on the platform.

DCRM Alliance

Fantom was announced as a member…

By Michael Kong

Since the beginning of the year, we have made continuous optimisations to Go-lachesis, added additional features to the Xar Network, and made improvements to the explorer and wallet applications.

Fantom will be releasing fortnightly updates from today onwards.


1. Aggressive P2P Propagation of Events

One of the simplest ways to reduce time-to-finality (ttf) was to make P2P events propagation more aggressive so that events would travel between nodes faster. Before the network had a balance between used network throughput and latency, but now gives up more throughput for lower latency.

This did not require a hard fork, and is fully compatible with existing…

It’s been a while since we’ve shared academic milestones and/or new technical papers, but today we’re excited to share our newest paper: Probabilistic Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) has attracted a large body of research in distributed trustless systems that ensure the system’s integrity despite of Byzantine processes. Most previous work in BFT systems are mainly aimed to ensure all (honest) processes agree on common knowledge or common state of the network. …

By Michael Chen

Hey Fantomians, we’re incredibly excited to share that we’re making updates to the Fantom wallet to make it easier to use for users across the globe. In the coming weeks and months, Fantom will be working to make the wallet easier to use and to prepare it for additional functionality which includes compatibility for a brand new DeFi stack, tailored for the Opera Mainnet, and localization into multiple languages such as Korean and Chinese.

What’s the timeline on these updates?
The DeFi stack is currently being built and tested internally, and more details about it will be…

(Blog post mirrored after press kit)

February 10th, 2020 — Ethereum Classic Labs(ETClabs) has announced a collaboration with The Fantom Foundation, the non-profit behind Fantom, the open-source, modular platform for DLT products, to bring crypto-agnostic DeFi features to the Fantom ecosystem.

In particular, Fantom will use Xar Network, a DeFi-oriented public blockchain built using Fantom’s Lachesis and TxFlow consensus, as a more extensible analog to the popular Ethereum lending platform MakerDAO.

“We’re collaborating with the ETClabs to bring DeFi, including all aspects of our tech stack (e.g., stablecoins, lending, staking, asset issuance, collateralization, etc.) …

By Simone Pomposi

The end of 2019 saw an increasing rise of interest around DeFi, or decentralized finance.

DeFi is “the notion that crypto entrepreneurs can recreate traditional financial instruments in a decentralized architecture” — Jeff Kauflin.

While Bitcoin was the first attempt at a rudimentary decentralized financial system — and has been specifically known as a store of value in the most recent times — , it was Ethereum that really created a more favourable environment for DeFi. …

Hello Fantomians!

After completing our successful mainnet launch, helping the community get up to date with staking and working on features to be added to the wallet; we are finally ready to announce the winners of our Fantom Educational Contest!

We are happy to say we received great submissions from our awesome community members. In the end, these five articles ended up winning based on an internal voting system amongst the Fantom Foundation team. A big collective thank you goes out to everyone who created content and submitted their well-researched articles. …

We recently hired one of our community members, Simone Pomposi, to be a part of our marketing and communications team. We previously elaborated on the foundation’s thought process behind the new hires and what they bring to the table, now we let them speak.

Hi Fantom.

I have been following Fantom since its birth. Mostly thanks to the focused and transparent team, a special group of people gathered around it.

Fantom has one of the most united and passionate communities in the crypto world.

Together we have witnessed the evolution of an idea, like a statue slowly taking form out of a…

It’s been a bit more than a month since we last shared the acquisition of new team members, but we’re elated to introduce two new individuals who will be contributing to the Fantom ecosystem in their own respective ways.


First of all, meet Simone Pomposi, originally one of our community members and a true blockchain evangelist in every sense. Simone is joining us to help us with marketing and communications, brand strategy, and user experience.

He’s been a very active part of the community, and hosted our first meetup in New York City in March 2019, along with IOTA and…

Fantom Foundation

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