The Queen of my Heart

I remember how our friendship started
You were in tears and I didn’t know why
I tried to console you but you kept on crying
Then I got to know you
And I knew why the tears
I hated how he made you cry all the time
I hated how he took your love for him for granted
I hated how he neglected you
I hated how he took advantage of you
And I hated the misery and pain he caused you
I could never understand why you stayed with him all those times
Is love really that blind?
Or was it desperation on your part?
Why let him get away with all the cheating?
Why keep up with all his crap?
But now that you are in my arms
I thank him for teaching how not to treat you
How to wipe your tears instead of causing them
How to appreciate your love always
How to take good care of you to the best of my ability
The sound of your heart beating next to mine
The smile you always don when you appear
The peace and comfort I feel when with you
The priceless moments we shared together
All these makes you the queen of my heart
Many don’t understand
But I know that it’s the little things that keep us together
It’s not the fame and fortune, yes that counts to an extend
But rather it’s the knowing that we’ll always be there for each other
It’s the trust we have built and the little “I love you’s that counts
And it’s my knowing that I’m the only King to your heart
And you the only Queen to my heart
That’s all that count

Sn Sambo