Enough is Enough: When Should You Give Up on Your Idea?
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary, I have found that the more visible the success of the idea or concept is in your mind, the harder it is to let go. Your point of looking at the idea as a different version is an extremely important point because in many cases others may think the problem or issue you are shooting to solve is not that big of an issue as you see it. Your solution may simply need to be presented in a different light to show its true merits. Those that only put a few months into an idea or concept and give up usually fall into one of two categories; they don’t have enough faith in the idea that it will bring the success that they desire, or, they are lazy and don’t want to put in the sort of true effort it takes to bring a sound idea to successful execution. If someone has enough faith in the viability of their idea, there isn’t much else that will keep them from following it through besides lack of desire. I have seen even normally lazy people bolt right out of being a couch potato when they find that thing they feel will bring them their desired success. Great story.