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If you’ve worked on a growth team, you’ve heard it before.

A PM asks,“How can we make more users send invites?”

A great engineer starts, “If we just get more users to search, we will improve our overall conversion rate…”

Stop doing this!

Once your team slips into thinking about making or getting people do anything, you’ve lost sight of the real goal: connecting as many users as possible to the product. It’s disrespectful to your users and they’ll eventually notice.

I do it too. When I’m focused on moving metrics or deep in data, it’s easy to forget about the people behind the numbers. …

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In 1995, I convinced my mom to replace AOL with a dial-up internet connection. The web was a desert and we had little bandwidth, so I logged thousands of hours on irc. It opened my eyes to new music, writing code, and new friends outside my boring suburbia.

irc -> Slack

It’s no surprise that I was drawn to Slack, a better-dressed, more professional cousin of irc. …


Fareed Mosavat

Growth and product at Slack. Previously at Instacart, Runkeeper, Zynga, Conduit Labs. Ex-Pixar TD. Berkeley, CA.

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