I’m joining the Growth Team 📈 at Slack

In 1995, I convinced my mom to replace AOL with a dial-up internet connection. The web was a desert and we had little bandwidth, so I logged thousands of hours on irc. It opened my eyes to new music, writing code, and new friends outside my boring suburbia.

irc -> Slack

It’s no surprise that I was drawn to Slack, a better-dressed, more professional cousin of irc. But beyond nostalgia, Slack has the basic ingredients (broad reach + high engagement) to become what Mark Pincus calls an Internet Treasure: a product that hundreds of millions of people can’t imagine life without.

From the first few minutes I spent in the office, I could tell that Slack has built a culture unique amongst Silicon Valley companies. Playfulness, empathy, diversity, and craftsmanship are not just corporate platitudes, they are embedded into every detail of the company from the interview process to the Twitter account.

Companies with all these elements are rare. The combination spawns endless opportunity for meaningful growth and product work.

I am lucky for the chance to do the best work of my life with this team.

Thanks to Liz Fox for her help through every step of the process.