Get to Know VALUS

VALUS is a blockchain platform that will be based on the Ethereal platform. VALUS will allow customers to verify items via QR code and they will get basic information about the item being scanned (VALUS Verify). In the case of purchase of goods, the subscriber may register ownership of the item (VALUS Ownership). If customers often buy goods online, they can check whether the sites they buy can be trusted. Existing customers can provide experience and also trademarks to verify websites. (VALUS Website). Customers can also check whether brick and mortar stores are selling genuine goods. On the other hand, customers can help the trademark to reduce the number of manufacturers selling counterfeit goods and report it, the customer will get the token VLS.

Smart Valus contracts include all information about trademarks, such as names, logos, when established, website URLs and trademark short descriptions. When all information is entered, the trademark may write the item into the blockchain. Trademarks get a unique QR code and this code must be present on the box item. In addition, the trademark may write additional information about the item.

The trademark will add the item to the blockchain. In this way they make the goods safer and also the customer can verify these items. Trademarks help customers make safer and better purchases by verifying websites and stores that sell real items.

Trademarks also get reports from customers about suspicious websites and stores. If a trademark determines that a website or store that is reported to be hurting customers, this website or store may be closed.

Resellers can gain market reputation from trademarks based on verification. Customers are more secure when making a purchase because they know that verified resellers are selling genuine.

The essence of VALUS is that customers can check goods via QR code. The customer gets basic information like the picture of this item, the name, which created this item, when the item was created, the serial number, origin, previous owner, if the item was stolen or not and its history. of this item again.

When they buy goods, customers have the opportunity to register ownership of goods that really belong to them. If the listed item is stolen, the customer can report the item and mark it as a stolen item. That means if someone wants to check the status of the goods, it will be seen on the VALUS platform that this item is stolen.

Customers will have the option to check if the website they created is trustworthy or not. Trademarks may verify websites that sell genuine merchandise as well as previous customers may provide reviews / experiences about the website.


Nik Klemenc (Founder and CEO)
Rok Kapušin (Marketing Manager)
Developers Uroš Hrastar (CTO and Frontend)
Davor Muc (developer of Blockchain and backend)
Žan Kozlevčar (Design)
Primož Kočevar (Developer Block)
Primož Hrastar (Developer)

To develop this Project Valus provides an opportunity for investors to invest. Valus plans to use Blockhain Technology using Token system. Token of valus in symbol (VLS). Valus will hold Crowsaled on October 1, 2017 until 31 October 2017. Minimum target that will be achieved when the sale of tokens is 1 million dollars (USD). The purchase of tokens can be done with Ethereum and Bitcoin. The price of VLC token during crowdsale is 1 VLS = 0.10 USD. Of course you will get a bonus when Crowdsale takes place ie you will get 15% bonus when you buy token before 48 hours after ICO (Crowdsale) start. Then After 48 hours the bonus will get investors will be reduced. So be it if you want to invest I suggest on stage 1 ie before 48 hours after the start of ICO. And of course Crowdsale events like very profitable, when the token has been distributed and has been registered in a crypto market then you are ready to sell your tokens. And make sure you sell the token when the token price goes up. This can double us even more depending on the price of the token later.

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