As a Decentralized Asset Management Platform, what’s the value of Farad?

As a cryptocurrency broker and comprehensive decentralized digital asset management platform, Farad (FRD) serves professional investors with investment allocation needs in the global digital currency secondary market, uses the traceability and security advantages of blockchain technology to provide users with more comprehensive, safer, more efficient and more transparent digital asset solutions.

The core business includes the Quantitative Funds of Actively Managed Assets and Synthetic Assets/ETF, Quantitative Strategy (CTA, Statistical Arbitrage, Intertemporal Arbitrage, CTF and Auxiliary Tools (market monitoring, signal prompt, public opinion report, dynamic analysis)) of Passively Managed Assets and so on.

Farad is divided into 1.0 creation stage and 2.0 product stage. 1.0 creation mining enables more people to enter the ecology at low cost and get the initial project dividend. With the launch of asset package 2.0 and staking, users holding staking can get double benefits of “token price rise” and “platform profits rewards”. The upper limit of 2.0, users can exchange and purchase the tokens of asset package through the FRD of staking, and choose any asset type to have the staking independently. They can combine the asset profits with the value of the token, and enjoy the additional rewards of staking.

Platform technology is widely used. First of all, the blockchain field, plarform brings more security to users in terms of information content, information sources, and information usage methods through the smart contract. Next, the AI and Deep Learning field, the team has independently developed the robo-advisor index configuration function, which integrates the world’s leading intelligent investment portfolio construction and analysis tools, and can realize the optimal solution of multi-strategy asset portfolio allocation and FOF allocation according to customer needs within 60 seconds. At present, the team has developed a variety of digital currency quantitative strategies, and in the future users can easily manage their digital assets in one stop.

The core members of the platform team have worked in well-known financial companies, and have extensive experience in the finance and blockchain industry. They have created a highly professional team with a global and international perspective, which can effectively avoid risks and create maximum value for users, maintain the safety of user assets.

Recently DeFi has been riding a new wave of boom, compared to traditional finance, DeFi is easy to understand, censorship resistance, affordable cross-border payment, broader global financial services, improved privacy and security. As the first DeFi project with a built-in swap exchange transaction model, FRD will detonate the market with its unique innovation model and standard consensus, and promote breakthroughs and development in the DeFi field.




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