We only see these flamboyant fliers for a brief portion of their lives

The male emperor dragonfly has a bright turquoise body with green back.
The male emperor dragonfly has a bright turquoise body with green back.
Emperor dragonfly (male) | Photograph by Farah Egby

Season’s end

There are still golden days left in the year. You know the ones.

The sun is warm enough to pleasantly tickle your skin and the breeze blows softly, hemmed with the only tiniest threat of winter.

Here in the east of England, summer is ending. The fens are beginning to accumulate more water. But for now, you can still hop over dips squelchy with rain and sidle round the muddy patches.

And it’s the perfect time to catch sight of the last of this season’s dragonflies.

From nymph to dragonfly

We have around 24 species of dragonflies and damselflies in the wet habitat of the fens in East Anglia. Dragonflies are bigger and flashier, resting with their wings open. Damselflies are more delicate and harder to spot, perching with folded wings. …

A Poem

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Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

Mute the kettle and the coffee machine
Even a tea break is two-dimensional
Like all the other meetings
Workwise or otherwise,

Stop a moment and turn to the window,
The transparent glass window, that is,
Not the framed patch of pixels
Crisp and bright with liquid crystals,

See the grey or the blue,
Concrete, trees, paint, weather;
There are birds preening
As a cat watches, twitching its tail.

Someone’s out there
In the silent
Urban wild!

Hurrying to their dangerous job,
Masked and mysterious,
A superhero
At the supermarket till,

A van screams hot pink lettering:
“Emergency plumbing”,
And a redundant hotelier
Delivers pizza on a bicycle,

A youth, hoodie up, saunters,
Granny’s groceries in tight fists
Leaving it at the door
As a sacred offering —

The sounds of jaunty electronics
Zoom back into my ears
Signifying the return
To the real world behind a screen.

Cultural Prompt

“If I only had one more day I would…”

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Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

I collected all my recollections
I reflected on my reflections
Found I’m stuck in a slipstream
Trying to figure out which is my dream

I made a profound discovery:
What is fake and what is the real me
I feel like I’m just beginning
But the hands of time have been spinning

I always tried to spend my youth wisely
Now, what’s the use of that precisely?
I never went through that key phase
Of heady, lazy, crazy, fun days

I realise all my youth was wasted
Fretting about what I’d be faced with,
I still can’t make myself move on
Though I can’t get back the days that have…


Farah Egby

Software Agilist, Erstwhile Scientist, Music Dabbler and Amateur Human Being.

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