Third World Wonder

Third world wonder

The Magic, Miracle and Third world Wonder

This Romantic saga and fairy-tale epic is the most enchanting fairy-tale and the most gripping and heart touching love story of true soulmates.

Just check out the most famous dialogue of the novel from Gigantic fairy


For which i am here!

For which I surrender!

Cyclone! Lightening!and a Thunder!

God has destined from above

Its Third world wonder

A story unseen and Completely out of this world :

A story you have never heard before

Something which never has happened!

An extraordinarily Beautiful and immortal love story!

The greatest love story of the universe!

Third world wonder ADVENTURES OF ZAIJOO :

Zaijoo is the most handsome person who is very famous celebrity.

He has millions of fan following and is always chased and gets surrounded by girls.

1-How Zaijoo gets rid of girls.

2- Astrologer woman reveals that some Miracle is going to happen with Zaijoo

3- Zaijoo is worried and he could meet jennie fairy in the night!

4- Jennie fairy blesses him and sends him to Mystical Fairy land!

5- Every one are shocked to see alien called Zaijoo in Fairy land

6- Astrologer fairy reveals him that Magic and Wonder something unusual is going to happen with him soon!

7- Mystery behind the door!

As you move on

You will see on

The truth!

The truth!

The truth!

8) Mystery behind the door unlocks! Adventures of Zaijoo gets started now!

9- Zaijoo wins the heart of fairy land, and gets back hidden treasure to the fairy land!

  1. a) Princess Zanna`s marriage in Music world!
  2. b) The most romantic Rain Dance in the Marriage!

10- Theft of the most luckiest charm of Magico Striking fairy land!

11- Zaijoo confesses about his love to Sanorita!

12- Fairy States the strangest fairy facing triple personality problem!

13- The great war of fairy land!

14- Zaijoo performs great stunt in the war.

15- Musk queen is also known as Red Fairy and the revelation of truth!

16- Zaijoo back to earth!

17- Zaijoo forgets everything what happened in fairy land and gives interview that he is alright!

18- Princess sanorita enters as Somandrella

19 –Zaijoo organise stage dance shows in college for charity

The luckiest girl will win a date with handsome hunk Zaijoo

20- The Romance of Somandrella and Zaijoo, they fall in love with each other!

21- Princess Sanorita and Zaijoo acts in movies together!

22- Zaijoo recognizes Princess Sanorita!

And she comes back to fairy land!

23- Princess Sanorita passes through different stages struggles hard to go back to Earth!

24 Endora a Gigantic Mountainous woman enters in the story!

For which i am here!

For which I surrender!

Cyclone lightening and Thunder!

God has destined from Above

It`s Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder!

Oh my god!

A wonder!

A magic

And a miracle happens

To see the wonder please read my book

Third world Wonder!

Adventures of Zaijoo!

This story is completely fictitious and imaginary . This is about a 19 year old teenager who is multitalented, mind blowing performer and good human being.It`s about his adventures of life .A VERY UNUSUAL INCIDENT HAPPEN WHICH CREATES GREAT SUSPENCE IN THE INITIAL STAGES OF THE STORY. . There is emotion, suspense, drama, thrill, entertainment, Romance,love and a very beautiful fairy tale in novel. This book is complete package of lesson, fun and entertainment,and new love story of a true soulmate relationship.

The Father of all Fairy-tales

The most Memorable the most entertaining and engaging

Presenting to you

The story of

Third World Wonder!

I farahnaaz Author of Third World Wonder presenting to you this beautiful website

Where we can buy this magical thunder storm book , the story in this book is not at all filmi where you always find first hero heroine fighting then loving and then getting united then marriage then problems tensions in the end fighting with one villain and they live happily ever after not at all like this,


WHERE ACTOR AND ACTRESS ARE STRUGGLING WITH SOME HUGE ANIMAL AND IN THE END THEY LIVED HAPPILY SAFELY EVER AFTER NOT AT ALL . This story is completely different , which you have never seen never heard before.To purchase my Romantic Fairy-tale go to my website

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