Reading Throughout The Years

During the summers between my elementary school years, during grades first up until about fifth, I loved to read. You would find me at the public library almost everyday checking out several new books at a time. I was a quick reader who was very interested in reading realistic fiction. Realistic fiction also still is my favorite if I had to read something. I loved to read series of stories and books that had stories and plots. I disliked fiction, because it seemed to be very fake like fairies and things that would never happen, I always looked for something that at least sounded real. Which is why realistic fiction was my favorite genre. I hated reading nonfiction and informational books, they would never catch my attention. I did not care for the facts, usually just wanted to be entertained. I read every book in the “Junie B. Jones” series by Barbara Park, over and over again until I had every story memorized. I had every book in order on my little white shelf, numbered one through thirty. My love for reading began to fade. I started to get over it as I got older, some summers I had gotten more involved in things like sports and friendships so I would go back to school the next school year with no interest or even a thought to open a book. I remember in sixth grade I got assigned a book report over any book I wanted. I picked a book and started reading a little then I would bounce around the chapters and skip some stuff, look some things up for my project without reading. Then, there I was with a completed project but an unread book. I did get away with it and I won’t lie I’ve gotten away with projects like that several times since then.

When middle school came around I began doing more outside of the house so my interest in reading began to fade away. My social life had grown and I was constantly doing things with my friends. From going to the mall, going to someone's house or the recreation center I was rarely home. I did not want to look at any books or step foot into a library. If you ever found me reading it was by force for something that would most likely be taken as a grade. I remember my grades decreasing a little bit during seventh grade. Although I did not enjoy reading I would do it if I had to.

Next, I was going to be a freshman in highschool and I didn’t start my summer reading until just a few weeks before school started. I would look up the audio of the book I was reading so that I could follow along and maybe comprehend what was going on a little better. Turns out that was a bad idea for me because I would just listen and let it out of my other ear or maybe I would just be thinking about something completely off topic from the book. I then walked into my first day of freshman year and took a test I knew nothing about. This costed me a B in the class the rest of the quarter. Reading is just not my thing, I tend not to do good at things that I do not enjoy. I think that I always procrastinate because I am so uninterested. I’m currently a junior in high school and I still have not found a good book to fit my personal interests. I do not think reading is something I enjoy doing or will ever enjoy. It hasn’t been my thing and it probably never will be.

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