Look up

Ever since returning from a 7 day digital detox I’ve been super conscious of how often, in what scenarios, and with what frequency I check my phone. The most frequent checks happen when I’m not even looking for anything, just tapping the home button for a hit of glow from the screen, almost like a twitch.

After reading Sherry Turkle’s piece in the Times, I made these iPhone screen wallpapers to intercept myself at these twitchy moments and add reminders to be in the room. It also forced prioritization of my most used apps, which is much cleaner to look at.

Here’s how to try them out:

  1. Save the wallpaper to your images
  2. Move all but 8 apps on your home screen to other screens.
  3. Go to settings > wallpaper>choose new wallpaper and set both to the image
  4. That’s it.

Download them here for iPhone 6.