To Whom It May Concern,

Today I had a meeting with myself. I put forward the plan of attack for the day and the rest of the week, typed it down…and emailed Him.

“ To my future partner, if you ever show up in my life,

I already have an entire kingdom of my own, a king, queen, prince, duke, you name it…It’s called Family.

As you probably have noticed, the house is already full. You wont simply be invited in unless you level up, adding something to this kingdom. Not to mention that you will have to come up with a new rank in this Family as well because as I said the commonly known ranks are all taken (and you got me right, Prince included). So “ Amaze Me!” (as my music teacher used to say :) ).

Let me break it up for you:

I am feeling a little uncomfortable talking about them in the third person, so here is a speech from the heart to the highest ranks of the Empire.

My Prince

From creative weapons in battle against Mosquitos to Fourier Transform equations and product design concepts lie the whole spectrum of our endless discussions. People might think we are complete phsychos hopping from one end of the spectrum to another in a matter of seconds… but for us the spectrum is circular where both ends are eventually connected.

How we laugh at our inside jokes and how you decipher my sarcasm either proves us complete intelellect or real dum-dums.

I love how you beleive in me as writer even when I spend hours crafting an email to my professor…which always ends up with the same format:

Dear Dr. [Name],
Hope this email finds you well.
Concerning [topic],…

That look of excitement you give me when you realize I am doing something outside my comfort zone for my own personal development has always been my cheer captain even though I don’t stay motivated for more than 1 hour. You always manage to bring me up again everytime I hit rock bottom.

How you approach any problem let it be programming, or even how to prepare for your next marathon remains an enigma. You are definitely my encyclopedia and my technology buying guide. I can ask you anything and you sure have the answer, expect for what’s the difference between an orange and a tangerine (forgive me, I just couldn’t help it :) ).

You always say “Invest in the mind”, “don’t just go with the flow”, “find your true passion and excel in it”…I can’t compete with that. Can you?

If there ever been a Mr. X in my life, I am certain you are going to give him a rough time (and I agree, he deserves it). Your girl will be so lucky to have found a lifetime supporter. You will always be my warrior and I will be your Sumo wrestler (I have gained weight recently that’s why :) ).

So dearest Partner, I live with a deep thinker, a Gandhi kind of Prince. Please, for you own sake, next time you open up a discussion with me try nano-coating materials or improving the educational systems. The color of your new shirt kind of conversations aren’t that attractive, believe me.

My Duke

To Mr. Handsome,

You are my true source of inspiration, my Muse. A fashion consultant, dietitian, Tennis coach, music composer, graphic designer…I can go on forever (Yeah! he is that accomplished).

Our endless negotiations on who takes the last bite of our favorite dessert sets an example of striking willpower and selflessness. To all girls out there, if you ever find a guy who can sacrifice that last morsel of Oreo Cheese Cake, never let go. I repeat, NEVER LET GO!

You can listen to me babling all night about one of the most important questions for humanity: “Would I look OK if I cut my hair short?” Someone else would have just killed me instantly.

Well Gentleman, you have set the bar high. Now I can’t expect any less from a partner (I admit you have spoiled me). You will forever be my irreplaceable Duke…And here are 10 reasons why (Partner, better take notes) :

  1. Because you are always proud of me.
  2. Because of the tons of gifts, flowers you buy me and No there shouldn’t be an occasion for that.
  3. Because of the everyday “Good Morning Beauty!” even when my hair looks like Lion King’s (still Lion King remains beautiful).
  4. Because of the “You look beautiful in this dress, a real princess. Let’ s photoshoot!”
  5. Because of the “You can do it! you just need to start. Come on I am gonna help you.”
  6. Because you would sign up for dancing classes, let it be Tango, Salsa or even Zumba just because I love to dance (This doesn’t imply I know how).
  7. Because you know how to cook.
  8. Because you go crazy with me.
  9. Because you are my musician.
  10. Because…you simply treat me like a Queen.”

As I paused taking another sip of my hot coffee, My King was calling. So I wrapped up the email, clicked that illusionary SEND button. “Let the real game begin!” I whispered.