The Tide

I drown in the poisonous well of my thoughts
The tide is stable but i’m fueled by chaos
Between your wrath and the tyranny of my mind
I forgot how to swim, so I jumped in blind..
Despite twirling in the unpredictability of my waves
I stopped dancing to celebrate your reign.
Through the tangles and knots of my dried out veins,
I found away to let you invade the corners of my brain..
How could I have been so oblivious,
Falling for a creature I painted incredulous?
But at some rare times, you let your guard fall down
and though the cracks of your mischievous mind,
crept in luminous rays of hidden truths in broken lines..
you’re not an unsung hero, hiding in plain sight,
to shield the transparency of your heart;
you stay away from the current and the sunlight.
You face untamed lions but live in a state of fright..
So I run away from the troubled waters of your soul
 towards the safety of the shade and the sane,
yet you dilute my rainbows with your gruesome grays.
you painted me in shades of blues and agony
 then made me listen to the cacophony 
seeing through you was my greatest odyssey 
Let me fight the tide as the gods dictate,
I shall listen to the forces that braid the tresses of my fate
not to a mere subject they wished to create.
Let me obey the dictators of chaos,
I shall drown in the screams of ecstasy and loss.
I choose their floods over your drought..