What is Social Media?

Online networking is for individuals.

Online networking isn’t for machines.

Online networking is for making connections

Fortify connections

Push ahead to connections

Online networking is about people and connections

It is a stage to express your sentiments, appreciation, thoughts, item, benefits or and so forth.

In any case, sharing is fundamental key

Online networking is about interfacing with people.

What’s more, people interface with consideration, love, sympathy, comprehension, trust and holding.

In the event that none of them are available, relationship won’t push ahead.

To affirmation, you can watch all connections around you?

Does your office kid make a best espresso for you since it is his employment? Then again does he cherish you since you regard him and wave day by day on your office entry? Also, ask how he is getting along?

My office kid dependably put a water jug when I touch base at office. Why? Since it is his occupation?


I welcome him Salam, asks his family and home on consistent schedule. Furthermore, deal with him as individual. Consequently he deals with me in most ideal way he can.

Much the same as that, are our client’s purchases from us since we are offering them best item?

No it’s crazy.

We as a whole think about how destructive for wellbeing a soda pop could be. Yet at the same time we want to drink coke? Why since coke offers a best item?


Since COKE speaks with us with sentiments, interfaces with us candidly through their promoting.

On online networking, in the event that you need to exceed expectations.

Associate with your clients inwardly.

Trigger their feelings, Show your consideration.

Show you’re off camera.

Demonstrate to them how you make items for them

Demonstrate to them what are day by day challenges required to make item/benefits for them and which resolve their everyday issue as item.

Demonstrate to them who are behind the procedure, connect with your group.

Request that your workers share their day by day challenges on their online networking handles.

Ask them how they serve you?

What makes them to convey last item to client?

Furthermore, the amount they buckle down and take consideration to make astonishing item/administrations to clients.

Love your clients, with the goal that they purchase your item.

Demonstrate your adoration, care, compassion to them with the goal that they know your organization will be there to serve them bestly.

What’s more, regardless of the fact that you neglect to convey as guaranteed, simply be there and keep them upgraded, remember them that the amount they are pivotal for your organization? Furthermore, how concerned you are.

Trust it in the event that you succeed to get a trust of your client that your organization will listen them. They will return to you.

Includes funniness, share little points of interest, share your vision

Share your client disappointment story and how you settled them, what endeavors you made to alter their questions.

Since by the day’s end, online networking is about people.

Furthermore, people have sentiments and feelings.

Treat them well. They will continue coming to you.