How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto
Alexander Muse

People asking the author for citation is actually missing the point of the whole story. First, this is Medium, a personal blogging site of sorts. There is no legit info here, just people sharing their thoughts for the world at large to read. So you either believe it or you don’t. There’s no actual investigation or proof of the story.

Second, his focus is not on the bitcoin boss, but on the deciphering of a person’s identity based on their writing. As a linguistic student, this could be a great case study for me. What is it in our writing style that could betray our identities? Is it our use of certain words? Is it our tone of writing? How do we represent our uniqueness in our writing is a concept we should be digging into. We should focus more on this development than on who Satoshi is. The government is doing enough of that digging.

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