I have lots to say.

A lot. Not because I know a lot of things, I don’t, no, I have so much to say because the act of talking is an exercise for my mind. I just go on and on and the more I continue, the more amped I get and the more I have to talk about what’s happening in my mind. I start with one thing, a simple answer to my dads question on how to renew a domain name for example, but we don’t stop talking. I don’t stop talking. One thing leads to another and we find ourselves deeply talking about the economical landscape of Iran and how one might make a dent in that region. I love it. I can’t stop talking.

An observation I made just now is that I like the talking part, the mind exploration, better than the actual doing. I want to tell you about what I’m thinking and how something should be done and you take it and run with it. What is that called? I’m not being lazy, I don’t think. I love talking about what I’m thinking. And when I’m saying something to you, my mind is going 100mph ahead and unraveling the next phase of the idea that only minutes ago was vocalized.

I love talking. I love talking with my mind.

I feel that my thoughts on this isn’t complete. To be continued…