It’s beautiful.

There is a moment in everyones life, that, what you experience, will put you in your place in the universe. It will overwhelm you with so much. And you can take it all in, because you're not overwhelmed. Your mind is so vast — and you start to realize this, when the experience is taking shape — so vast, that you think you are going to reach your capacity, but the moment has come and gone and you are still in it, capable of more. The size of this experience is as vast as the universe. You know this to be true. You feel it in every part of your being.

This moment, this universe, is rushing into your consciousness, the way water flows into rivers and rivers flow into lakes and lakes flow into oceans. It’s all there, together, at once, rushing in, at warp speed, in to your mind. And nothing is lost. That is the genius, the beauty, the design. Nothing is lost, and everything is so incredibly clear and easy to discern, but it’s happening and it’s moving and theres nothing you can do to stop it.

You pause for a moment to take in the fact that you’re here, in physical form, but your mind is everywhere else, at once. You take note of it, you are content, and you continue, on this journey deeper into your mind. You go deeper, and deeper, you pause again to appreciate the beauty of this. it’s beautiful, but you're moving forward and you keep going, your mind is expanding, your body is expanding, your entire life, everything and everyone in it is expanding with you.

It all happened in a split second. but you learn. you understand. you connect. you start to appreciate. you start to thank this thing, this journey, for the beauty that it is.

In your element, whole and full of joy, knowing that moments before you had no idea about the infinite knowledge and experience you gained. . moments before your eyes were closed, you were dead. Your capacity was limited. Everything changed in a split second. you can see everything for what it is, you can understand peoples intent and understand it without any effort on their part. You’re flowing freely in this universe that is your mind and it’s the most beautiful thing. Your are awake and It hits you, the levity of this universal expansion hits you, and there’s a sense of gratitude you feel that goes beyond generations. The gratitude you feel is for being here, Today, alive. The gratitude is what you give back to the universe, it’s the acknowledgment, that i received you, i understand you. The gratitude you feel is your moment of clarity, and for the circumstances that brought you to this life and this realization. it’s gratitude for all the people that brought you here. They shaped this. They are the ones who shaped you. and you are so grateful. because now, only now, you are starting in a new journey that will go beyond the metaphysical and pass through and flow into the air that we all breathe. Into the universe.

Last night, on the night of my sisters birthday, I found that place, and it was beautiful.


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