Magic is complex

When you close your eyes,
when you see a light,
when you see it grow,
when you roll your eyes,
when your eyes are shut still,
when you feel the beat,
when you move your feet,
when you sync your head tilt,
when your beat hits your sheets,
when you paint a picture,
when you talk to the sky,
when your heart wants to take a picture,
when you notice the stars,
when you are flying high,
when you hear the crack,
when you feel the blip of that track,
when you pause for a moment in time,
when you feel the grace,
when you stop to scan her face,
when you jump up the stairs,
when you have no more stairs to jump to,
when you move with the wind,
when you have no where else to run to,
when you knock on that door,
when you hear life say bonjour,
when you breathe in that life,
when you step in to the door,
when you touch the end of sky,
when you stretch your fingers high,
when your heart has a mind,
when your heart mind has a name,
when you rub soul into that name,
when you notice your own name,
when your name has a name, 
when your poem has a poem,
when you open that story gate,
when you journey past the gate,
when you walk up to that tree,
when you need shade to slow your pace,
when your heart is about to race,
when you feel the rumble and vibration,
when you root yourself to the foundation,
when you lift your head and see branches,
when you feel love course through those branches,
when you have so much more to give,
when you gift love to your own branches,
when you feel all the commotion,
when you high five your fears and gut reaction,
when you hear Berne whisper with tender devotion,
when you say hello to your kind,
when your kind is not very kind,
when your hello is the only answer,
when your tongue has no other answer,
when your heart is shaking a little faster,
when you want to move a little faster,
when you jump into the ocean,
when you want to get there even faster,
when you feel all the feels,
when you hear jazz in your ears,
when you write poetry on a freezing night,
when you wish to see the crispy morning sun,
when you see little rise up to bigness,
when your neighbour is actually named Bigness,
when your tribe is what attracts your greatness,
when you close your eyes and all you see is open,
when you open still now and all you see is learnings,
when you get to taste spring a day early on a Sunday,
when you realize love is strong, kind, and dancy,
when you trim your beard to get fancy,
when you ride the high,
when you ride the road,
when you ride solo,
when you’ve got places to go,
when you feel grateful what that is,
when you see beauty in what is,
when you notice it’s 4 am,
when you have so much more to write,
when you grasp poetry’s magic in this very night.

March 15, ‘17

#tumi #turtlerumi #masterhearts