Carl Sagan meets Anathema

There are times when a song touches you more than it was intended to. Some version of some song. You find depths in it that never existed. Such a song was flying by anathema. The Live in Plovdiv Bulgaria 2012 version. Now I am not really a man of personal god by yes I do throw biblical concepts here and there at times because I respect their depth and impact. Such is the concept of heaven and i’ll take you to mine.

The song begins with slow music.

“ Started a search to no avail
A light that shines behind the veil, trying to find it
And all around us everywhere
Is all that we could ever share, if only we could see it
Believe there’s truth that’s beyond me
Life ever changing weaving destiny”

I imagine myself in the pilot seat of the greatest rocket ship ever built. Commander of the mission to reach the farthest than anything man made has ever reached. To reach farther than what the Hubble could see. The Hubble of say the year say 3017. I start the engines and take off. I start on a search that will take me farther than what has ever been seen. I do not know what I am looking for but there is something out there, I know that for sure. There is a light behind the veil.

I move slowly as I move out of the earth, it is my last chance to experience earth. I might live long but not here anymore. I take my time. As I exit the atmosphere and move farther away and see the earth and moon in the same frame, tears roll down my cheeks. This is the last time that I will see the earth as I know it.

I ask you, the audience to realize that there are only a few things in the world as compared to the universe. We are not even a spec of dust, we are a pale blue dot. A pale blue dot.

As I exit the solar system, I see a mote of dust suspended in the sunbeam just like Carl Sagon did. That is it. That was the last of it. That was the last of earth.

The singer asks the audience to join in, they need a push so he comes in with the chorus and god what a push it was

“ And it feels like I’m flying above you
Dream that I’m dying to find the truth
Seems like you’re trying to bring me down
Back down to earth, back down to earth”

At this point I have reached beyond any human has ever. Machines. Yes. Humans. No. Not even after a 1000 years since 2017. We were up-to something big, we realized that we had to go far enough or not at all. I am going far enough. Because I have been the farthest therefore I am flying above you all, and know that for you I would have died but it was all to find the truth. I still feel that you, the audience, most of you are not really ready to accept that we can go to these lengths, going to these lengths will mean revealing the truth. You might not be ready for the truth it will crumble your beliefs. You want to pull me back to earth but oh ladies and gents farewell for I have gone. And oh the bass.

Engines rev. Guitar rolls in. With every pluck of the guitar string I accelerate.

“ Layers of dust and yesterdays
Shadows fading in the haze of what I couldn’t say
And though I said my hands were tied
Times have changed and now I find, I’m free for the first time
Feel so close to everything now
Strange how life makes sense in time”

As I accelerate into bewilderness, I see my life flash before me, the life I spent on somewhere that I cannot see anymore. I have reached the boundaries of the milky way, I am shooting off the revolving arm of our galaxy. I am free. Strangely enough though I am far from home I feel everything else but home is a little bit closer. Life has a different perspective from where I stand.

“Now that I’m flying above you
Dream that I’m dying to find the truth
Seems like you’re trying to bring me down
Back down to earth, back down to earth…….”

It’s just me and the accelerator now. Each pluck of the guitar string is pressing down the accelerator, each shift in pitch is my speed higher to the power of the previous speed, it’s a chaos and I accelerate and accelerate out the boundaries of clusters, I reach speeds over the Graham’s number, super-clusters, filaments, super-filaments, observable universe, universe with speeds over Tree (3) light years per second, I break some barrier.

I hear the voice of God



I hear His people sing

aaaa aaaaaaaa aaa aa

aaaa aaaaaaaa aaa aa…

The guitar rolls in as they sing the sweetest song

The guitar tells me I am there, where I started from

In the context of Paulo Coelho your journey would end where it all started from. The treasure was always right under.

If you find yourself, you will find that there is a universe within.