Just Another Day in the Office (JAD..O) #1

I drink this commercialized “oxygen water” on a daily basis, 3 to 4 bottles during office hours.

Today, Mr B came to my table and we had a “conversation” while I was busy working.

B: May I buy one of the bottles from you?
Me: If you want it (so badly), just take it. *still typing on laptop*
B: No, that would not be fair. You paid for it, so I shall pay you.
Me: You don’t have to. Can we have this chat later? I am kind of busy. *still typing on laptop*
B: Ok, I’ll take one with me. Later I’ll pay you back.
Me: …..

Around 30mins later, as I passed by his table, he motioned his hands at me, beckoning me to come to his table. And I did.

B: Before I forget,.. *took out his wallet*
Me: It’s okay. You don’t have to.
B: But I must. What if I want to buy from you again?
Me: ……

He takes out a IDR 5000 note, and a IDR 2000 note. As he handed me a total of IDR 7000, he said:

B: This is enough.
Me: …….

Please note that he did not ask if it was enough. He stated that he will only pay that much.

For your reference, that particular brand of “oxygen water” is priced at IDR 8500 per bottle in all supermarkets.

Not that I am complaining about how much he gave me, since I said he didn’t have to pay me a single cent. It is about:

If you are going to pay for it, pay the full price. Be a man!


I hope this post brings laughter to your day. My colleagues ROFL-ed when I told them. So I decided to share this. Who knows, someone might need a little laughter trigger. =)

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