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Designers are more likely to feel inspired when they can thrive in their environment. This concept is not breaking news but it’s a topic that I’m passionate about. Over the years I’ve noticed that designer-friendly spaces are undervalued in many corporations. As a design leader who lives and breathes within the creative industry, I see an opportunity that many organizations can leverage and it’s pretty simple:

Creative minds need creative environments.

Wide-open space

When my designer colleagues and I joined design school back in the day, we had the opportunity to build our own surroundings. …

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My 15+ years of experience in design has given me a broad understanding of the massive shift and transitions within our fast-paced industry. Over the years, I’ve seen how diversity is the driving force behind the tech and creative industries.

For the last couple of years, I have visited well-known design agencies and studios around the globe and realized how a diverse workforce can create more of an impact, which elevates the quality of their work. Diversity offers the opportunity to engage and collaborate with a broader clientele when multi-cultural workforces are in place.


Faran Najafi

Design Leadership & Strategy / Sr. Director of Design at Oracle / Building complex enterprise applications and I enjoy photography. San Francisco / CA

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