Your Body Dashboard

Just like your car dashboard you need a dashboard for your body

We normally don’t give our blood for testing until its really needed, for example when we’re ill. This means that our body dashboard only illuminates when we’re seriously ill and normally it only happens occasionally.

The other reason of not doing our body tests is that mostly these blood tests are very expensive and takes lot of time but luckily not any more.

Team at Thriva made the whole process very simple, with the help of technology. The whole process is really easy:

  1. Choose the product based on the tests you would like to perform
  2. Kit arrives in your post
  3. Take blood samples via finger pricking
  4. Post your blood samples
  5. Check your results on Thriva website

Everything was really easy, but I do agree that finger pricking was the hardest part and it took me a while to get the hang of it. Everything was super fast as well, from arrival of the kit to the arrival of the results on my Body Dashboard. In fact I got my results next day of posting the sample, which is mind blowing.

Here’s how the dashboard on Thriva looks like:

My Body Dashboard

Unfortunately my cholesterol was bit high which was expected due to my unhealthy eating.

It also gives advise on how to improve your bad scores:

Recommendations to fix Bad Readings

Detailed view of each test is also available highlighting min and max, and average readings mapped on a scale and graph.

It also provides detail description about each test, what it is, how it impacts your body and what you can do to improve it.

Thriva mantra is that we keep our Body Dashboard active all the time i.e. keep doing different blood tests, as they’ve made it so easy. That’s why they also offer automated subscription based service to maintain our Body Dashboard and to keep our body healthy.

Overall I’m really happy with Thriva.