“Decisions are not inherently right or wrong”

Wow. How’s that for a liberating thought?

Is it though?

What does it mean… For one, I think it means that the pressure of finding the right decision is off. I think we spend too much time stressing out over what the right decision is.

For twos… I think we can no longer blame our poor decisions. This can help focus our energies towards making whatever we have work.

Decisions are too often evaluated on their outcomes, which by definition cannot be known. Sometimes, we try to evaluate decisions based on the quality of analysis given the information we had at that point in time.

Depending on where you are looking at a situation from, information will usually be incomplete.

Maybe we can use the framework of fragility and anti-fragility to judge decisions. The less fragile a decision, or more anti-fragile, the better it is.

What matters to the decision-maker though? Intention?

Do I know what I want? Do I know what my decision making budget is?

What is a leap of faith? When and why should one consider taking it?

I think I count on something else. On the unknown, the Unseen. That the unknown is on my side. Why? Because I’m a pretty good candidate to support. And I mean well.

I’ve spent a large part of my life hating on incompetent people. Depending on where you look at a situation from, I am an incompetent person as well. Does someone judge me for my incompetence?

My decision making process is a mess. Deciding on coming to Lahore for this job was such a roller-coaster. Most of the times I’m pretty sure I messed up.

In some ways I think I’ve made some progress on my decision making. Hobbies, jobs, career, vocation. That’s helped.

If no decision is inherently right or wrong, what makes a great decision maker? I don’t know.

Ok, how about given a set of principles and preferences. What then? Is that enough information for evaluating a decision?

In cricket, and other sports, they say you have to follow the ball till it hits your bat, lands in your hands or hits your racket. That’s a sign of skill and expertise. Maybe that’s what you’re meant to do, look at the ball till the very end and move with your eyes open.

Personally, I count a lot on the Unseen for my decisions. Maybe a song that plays on the radio, a signal that turns when I look at it, or a something said that lands in my ears. I think the universe communicates, and we can sense the position of the unknown through this communication. In this case, the question is how good you think you are at reading the signs.

Khair, sehri time.