How To Earn Attention In Today’s Media Revolution

Human attention is a scarce commodity. It’s a highly sought after asset that individuals and brands compete for every second of every day.

Regardless of our age, gender, location or socioeconomic status, attention is potentially our most valuable possession. Only those of us who are able to cut through the noise will win in this attention economy that we now live in.

The Media Revolution

I believe we are in the middle of the single biggest shift in human attention since the launch of the internet. More than 2 billion people now have the power to broadcast live with free distribution to a global audience.

We are now all creators of original content. This power was once reserved for massive media companies. Now it’s at the fingertips of billions, and this is just the start. In the next 24 hours, 1.2 billion people will watch over 8 billion videos on Facebook.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are examples of user-generated content on steroids.

We are exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages per day, but it’s the individual consumer that’s our biggest competition for attention-share. The only way we can captivate an audience is by learning how to earn other people’s attention.

How To Earn Attention

Earning attention comes down to delivering value. When a million things compete for our attention, a promise to respect someone’s time helps earn it. Most often, we’re asking for someone to give us attention on our time over their time. That’s not how it works, it’s actually the other way around…here’s how to earn someone’s attention:

Give First

My primary objective is to help others and provide value. To earn somebody’s attention, you have to speak to their needs and goals — not just your own. When you deliver value, it’s much easier for someone to notice your effort. That’s a big part of how you earn attention — make it easy for people to give it to you.

It’s all predicated on value exchange. Empathy is the most important way to measure this value exchange with your audience. It’s about context, not content. Respect your audience and the environment they live in.

Be Patient

Earned attention grows like compound interest if you enable it. Attention is earned through consistent effort and relentless execution. It happens through brand building, developing loyalty and creative storytelling. Like all things, it takes time.

Brand is the only thing that transcends technology.

Can’t you just buy attention? Sure. But then you have to buy it again, and again. There needs to be authenticity and this can only be derived from organic discovery and word of mouth validation. There are no short-cuts in the attention economy.

We must have an intrinsic desire to connect with those whose attention we’re vying for. The media revolution is just getting started, and it’s getting harder and harder to hold onto people’s attention. Earn respect by creating a value exchange on their time in the context of their environment.

I hope I earned yours with this post. How do you earn people’s attention?

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