Decentralization in FARGOCASH ecosystem

Speaking about decentralization, we all admit it’s importance and necessity for the whole crypto-society. But not everyone understands the key features of #decentralization, so today we gonna show you it’s main advantages🔝⬇️

☑️First of all it’s «fault tolerance», cause the probability of an accidental failure in decentralized systems is less because they rely on many independent components.

☑️The second one is hostility resistance. It is very difficult to hack the whole system, because lots of users are supporting it. There are no third parties that can be easily bought or threatened, that’s why it’s almost impossible to hack a decentralized system.

☑️And the last but not the list advantage in our list is conspiracy perverting. It’s really tough for decentralized system participants to collude among themselves in order to gain profit from another users.

Looking at these benefits, #FARGOCASH development team couldn’t have done anything else but develop a decentralized exchange in order to provide our users with the best service ever existed🔝🔝🔝