Farhad, my thesis was the Clinton administration reaped the economic success of fiscal policies…
Adam Wieneiski

I’m not sure but I think we agree that no president can take full credit for improved economic performance, although sometimes they do get credit for breaking things (for example, by waging unnecessary wars). So if your point is that Reagan and more immediately George H.W. Bush’s economic performance contributed to economic conditions under Clinton, just as Clinton’s contributed go George Bush’s and Bush’s dismal economy contributed to Obama’s, ok, fine. But then we should just say that president’s only take full credit when they break things and stay consistent across administrations. Not that I want to pick on W...

Any time Trump doesn’t piss someone off I say a hallelujah, but really what a union leader or anyone says after a meeting with Trump doesn’t impress me one way or the other. He told the NYT they were a “jewel” and then turned around and blasted them the next day. I’m guessing they were excited about building the wall. I’m less excited about my tax dollars going toward that.

Fundamentally, I don’t believe that protectionist tendencies will help the economy. Globalization is an extension of the reach of the market economy, which used to be a tenet of the Republican party, but who knows what the party stands for anymore. Consumers all benefit from free trade (and immigrant labor) in the form of lower prices and higher quality goods. Now, what Trump is suggesting is that consumers subsidize workers and industries that can no longer compete, basically in a form of corporate welfare. Let’s put a 35% tariff on Chinese goods and German cars, driving up costs, just so some industry that can no longer compete has a chance. Not sure what the GOP has come to. Mr. Reagan must be spinning in his grave. Having worked with Chinese manufacturers, I’m quite sure that in many of those industries the US cannot compete, and it’s not an issue of china devaluing RMB.

I hope he unveils his trillion dollar infrastructure plan, as long as it’s on productive infrastructure and not bridges between two dinky towns in Alaska (or a wall). I hope he simplifies the tax code. I hope he reduces some regulations. And I really hope he doesn’t start any wars or trample on civil liberties. But I hope my child will voluntarily shun junk food and do his homework w/o being told….I’m kind of used to dashed hopes.

We’ll see soon enough.

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